New Generation Party (Costa Rica)

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New Generation Party
Partido Nueva Generación
President Sergio Mena
Secretary-General Luz Mary Alpízar
Founded July 8, 2012[1]
Ideology Liberalism
Youth rights
Political position Centre to Syncretic
Colours Blue and orange
Legislative Assembly
0 / 57
3 / 81
34 / 495

New Generation Party is a liberal political party in Costa Rica. The party was founded in 2012 in order to partake in the 2014 general election. The party defines itself as a political organization directed toward young people.[2] It also describes itself as "centrist" and pragmatic in economic policy.

In the 2014 elections its nominee was party's founder Sergio Mena, former councilor of Montes de Oca municipal council and president of this.[3] Mena was also first in parliamentary list, but the party did not earn enough votes to enter Parliament and Mena himself received 1.2% of the presidential vote.[1]

Yet, in the following 2016 mid-term municipal elections, the party won three cantons therefore electing three mayors and many councilors, and placed in fourth after some of Costa Rica's major parties like PLN, PAC and PUSC.[4] Most of the party's candidates though were already well known political figures rejected by their original parties.

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