New Generation Software

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New Generation Software
IndustryComputer and video games
FounderMalcolm Evans
Products3D Monster Maze, Trashman

New Generation Software was a firm best known for the computer games with innovative graphics it produced for the Sinclair ZX81 and ZX Spectrum computers. It was conceived in the spring of 1982 shortly after the lead developer, Malcolm Evans created 3D Monster Maze (initially released by J. K. Greye Software, and later republished by New Generation Software)—one of the first 3D games for a home computer.

Company history[edit]

New Generation was started by the aforementioned Malcolm Evans, for whom the company was his first professional experience in software or games - he had previously been in computer hardware. The other core members of the team were teenagers Paul Bunn and James Day, sixteen and nineteen years old in 1984.[1] The company released games from 1982 to 1986.[2] By 2005, copyright to New Generation Software games was held by Titus Games.[3]


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External links[edit]

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