New Guanjiao Tunnel

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New Guanjiao Tunnel
正在建设中的关角隧道 - panoramio.jpg
A portal of New Guanjiao Tunnel during construction in 2011
Line Qinghai–Tibet Railway
Location Guanjiao Mountain
Coordinates 37°8′40″N 99°4′59″E / 37.14444°N 99.08306°E / 37.14444; 99.08306Coordinates: 37°8′40″N 99°4′59″E / 37.14444°N 99.08306°E / 37.14444; 99.08306
Start 37°10′58″N 99°10′38″E / 37.18278°N 99.17722°E / 37.18278; 99.17722
End 37°0′33″N 98°52′50″E / 37.00917°N 98.88056°E / 37.00917; 98.88056
Work begun 2007
Opened 28 December 2014 (2014-12-28)
Traffic train
Length 32,645 metres (107,103 ft)
No. of tracks two single
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrified electrified
Operating speed 160 km/h
Highest elevation 3,381 metres (11,093 ft)
Lowest elevation 3,324 metres (10,906 ft)

New Guanjiao Tunnel [1](Chinese: 新关角隧道; pinyin: Xīn Guānjĭao Suìdào) is a tunnel on the 2nd line of Qinghai–Tibet Railway in Guanjiao Mountain, Qinghai province. It is dual-bores, double-track rail tunnel. The total length of the tunnel is 32.645 km (20.285 mi), which makes it the longest railway tunnel in China.

China Railway First Survey and Design Institute is responsible for the design. The New Guanjiao Tunnel was designed for two parallel single-track tunnels with speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour (99 mph). The total construction duration was projected to be 5 years. The tunnel was bored in difficult geological conditions and high altitude, exceeding 3,300 metres (10,800 ft) above sea level. The construction started in 2007 and was completed in April 2014.[2] The tunnel was opened on 28 December 2014.[3]

The tunnel's northeastern portal (37°11′00″N 99°10′40″E / 37.1834°N 99.1778°E / 37.1834; 99.1778) is in Tianjun County, the southwestern portal (37°00′34″N 98°52′50″E / 37.0094°N 98.8805°E / 37.0094; 98.8805) is in Ulan County.