New Hampshire Library Association

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New Hampshire Library Association
green letters NHLA with the L being large and swooshy
FormationAugust 16, 1889; 130 years ago (1889-08-16)
Parent organization
American Library Association

The New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA) is a professional organization for New Hampshire's librarians and library workers; it is the oldest state library association in the United States.[1] It was founded in 1889 by an act of the legislature with the stated goal "to promote the efficiency of libraries and to cultivate fellowship among its members."[2][1] A group of 49 library trustees and one librarian met for the first time on September 12, 1890, at the American Library Association meeting in the White Mountains.[3] [1] Nathan Hunt, the City Librarian of Manchester, was NHLA's first president, elected in 1891.[1]

NHLA became a state chapter of the American Library Association in 1941. [1]

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