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New Hampshire Route 123 marker Vermont Route 123 marker

New Hampshire Route 123
Map of southern New Hampshire with NH 123 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length63.055 mi[1] (101.477 km)
Major junctions
South endMason Road in Townsend, MA
North end VT 123 near Walpole
CountiesHillsborough, Cheshire, Sullivan
Highway system
NH 122NH 124
VT 122VTVT 125

New Hampshire Route 123 (abbreviated NH 123) is a 63.055-mile-long (101.477 km) secondary north–south state highway in southwestern New Hampshire. The southern terminus of the route is at the Massachusetts state line in Mason where, as Mason Road, the road continues as an unnumbered local road in the town of Townsend. The northern terminus, as signed, is at the Connecticut River, where the highway continues west for 0.313 miles (0.504 km) to U.S. Route 5 in Westminster, Vermont, as Vermont Route 123 (VT 123). Route logs, however, place the terminus at New Hampshire Route 12 in Walpole.

In Walpole, NH 123 runs in a wrong-way concurrency with NH 12 north–south alongside the Connecticut River, the water body that represents the border between New Hampshire and Vermont. For the entire length of the NH 12/NH 123 concurrency, NH 123 South is, in reality, heading north on the compass while NH 123 North is traveling to the south.


NH Route 123 heading northbound

In October 2005, heavy flooding in the New Hampshire area forced the closure of NH 123 in two different locations. The first was at the intersection of NH 123 and Cold River Road near Drewsville, where a bridge was destroyed from high water in the Cold River, approximately 5 miles (8 km) east of North Walpole. The second closure was approximately 3 miles (5 km) south of the junction with New Hampshire Route 123A in the town of Alstead, where a section of roadway was completely washed away by the water. Both sections were subsequently rebuilt and reopened.

Major intersections[edit]

CountyLocation[1][2]mi[1][2] [3]kmDestinationsNotes
HillsboroughMason0.0000.000Mason Road – TownsendMassachusetts–New Hampshire line
To Route 119
Greenville5.1718.322 NH 31 south (Fitchburg Road) – Fitchburg MASouthern end of concurrency with NH 31
5.4398.753 NH 31 north (Fitchburg Road) – WiltonNorthern end of NH 31/123 concurrency
6.32110.173 NH 45 north (Main Street) – TempleSouthern terminus of NH 45
New Ipswich7.92212.749 NH 124 east (Turnpike Road)Southern end of concurrency with NH 124
9.44015.192 NH 123A south (Main Street) – Ashby MANorthern terminus of NH 123A (southern segment)
12.82920.646 NH 124 west (Turnpike Road) – JaffreyNorthern end of concurrency with NH 124
Peterborough18.97130.531 NH 101 east (Wilton Road) – WiltonSouthern end of concurrency with NH 101
19.83531.921 US 202 / NH 101 west (Wilton Road) – KeeneNorthern end of concurrency with NH 101; southern end of concurrency with US 202
22.13035.615 NH 136 east (Greenfield Road) – GreenfieldWestern terminus of NH 136
Hancock25.55341.124 US 202 east (Concord Street) – Bennington, AntrimNorthern end of concurrency with US 202
28.09945.221 NH 137 north (Bennington Road) – Bennington, AntrimSouthern end of concurrency with NH 137
28.27445.503 NH 137 south (Old Hancock Road) – Dublin, JaffreyNorthern end of concurrency with NH 137
CheshireStoddard35.28756.789 NH 9 west (Franklin Pierce Highway) – KeeneSouthern end of concurrency with NH 9
36.40758.591 NH 9 east (Franklin Pierce Highway) – Hillsborough, ConcordNorthern end of concurrency with NH 9
Marlow44.25971.228 NH 10 south (Gilsum Road) – GilsumSouthern end of concurrency with NH 10
45.27372.860 NH 10 north – NewportNorthern end of concurrency with NH 10
Alstead53.97986.871 NH 12A south (Alstead Center Road) – SurrySouthern end of concurrency with NH 12A
54.77788.155 NH 123A east (Acworth Road) – AcworthWestern terminus of NH 123A (northern segment)
55.43889.219 NH 12A north (High Street) – Langdon, CharlestownNorthern end of concurrency with NH 12A
No major junctions
CheshireWalpole60.21896.911 NH 12 north – North Walpole, Bellows Falls VTSouthern end of wrong-way concurrency NH 12
62.943101.297 NH 12 south (Bellows Falls Road) – Westmoreland, KeeneNorthern end of wrong-way concurrency with NH 12
Connecticut River63.055
New HampshireVermont state line
WindhamWestminster0.3130.504 US 5 to I-91 – Bellows Falls, BrattleboroWestern terminus of VT 123
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

New Hampshire Route 123A[edit]

Signage near the western end of NH Route 123A's northern segment, as viewed from NH Routes 12A/123

New Hampshire Route 123A (abbreviated NH 123A) is a designation held by two separate state highways in New Hampshire, United States. Although the two segments are not directly connected, they are linked by their parent route, New Hampshire Route 123.

Southern segment[edit]

New Hampshire Route 123A
LocationNew Ipswich
Length4.216 mi[1] (6.785 km)

The southern segment of NH 123A is a 4.216-mile-long (6.785 km) secondary rural road that runs from the town of New Ipswich to the Massachusetts border.

The southern terminus of this segment is at the Massachusetts state line in New Ipswich. At this location, the road is locally named Ashburnham Road. The road continues into Massachusetts and becomes West Road in the town of Ashby. The northern terminus is at NH 123 and New Hampshire Route 124 in New Ipswich. At this location, NH 123A is locally named Main Street.

Northern segment[edit]

New Hampshire Route 123A
Length10.070 mi[1] (16.206 km)

The northern segment of NH 123A is a 10.070-mile-long (16.206 km) secondary rural east–west highway in western New Hampshire, running between the towns of Alstead and Marlow. The eastern terminus of this segment of NH 123A is at New Hampshire Route 10 in Marlow. The western terminus is at NH 123 in Alstead. The road is the only numbered state highway in the town of Acworth, and is the main road through the village of South Acworth.


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