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U.S. Route 4 marker

U.S. Route 4
Route information
Maintained by NHDOT
Length: 106.834 mi[2] (171.933 km)
Existed: 1926[1] – present
Major junctions
West end: US 4 in White River Junction, VT
East end: I‑95 / Blue Star Turnpike / US 1 Byp. in Portsmouth
Highway system
NH 3B NH 4
NH 4 NH Route 4A.svg NH 9

In the state of New Hampshire, U.S. Route 4 runs for 106.8 miles (171.9 km) across the central and southern part of the state, stretching from Lebanon on the Connecticut River border with Vermont southeast to Portsmouth on the eastern coast.

Route description[edit]

U.S. Route 4 crosses the Connecticut River into New Hampshire in the community of West Lebanon, where it immediately intersects Route 10 which runs parallel to the river. US-4 turns south onto Route 10, and the two routes turn south, meeting Route 12A before turning towards and interchanging with Interstate 89. At this point, Route 10 joins the I-89 freeway southbound, while US-4 continues east into downtown Lebanon. The road crosses Route 120, continues east and interchanges with I-89/Route 10 again. US-4 continues east away from the freeway into Mascoma, where Route 4A splits off to the southeast. US-4 continues east through Enfield and into Canaan, where it meets the southern end of Route 118. The road turns to the south at this point, passing through Grafton and Danbury, where US-4 meets the west end of Route 104 and continues south into Andover. In Andover, US-4 turns back to the east and meets Route 11 near Route 4A's eastern terminus. US-4 and Route 11 run concurrently through Andover for about 2 miles (3.2 km) before splitting, Route 11 to the northeast and US-4 to the southeast. US-4 enters the town of Salisbury and crosses Route 127, before continuing into Boscawen and intersecting with U.S. Route 3. US-3 and US-4 share a short concurrency (about a mile), before US-4 turns east to interchange with Interstate 93 at Exit 17.

US-4 joins I-93 southbound, and runs along the freeway until Exit 15E in Concord. At this interchange, US-4 leaves I-93 and joins Interstate 393 and U.S. Route 202 which run eastbound out of the city. The two U.S. routes overlap I-393 to its terminus in the northern corner of Pembroke. I-393 then ends, and US-4/US-202 merge onto Route 9 eastbound through Chichester and into Epsom. The road crosses Route 28 at the Epsom Traffic Circle, then continues east and intersects Route 107, forming a 2-mile (3.2 km) long four-route concurrency into Northwood, where Route 107 splits off to the northwest. US-4, US-202, and Route 9 continue through Northwood, and US-202 and Route 9 split from US-4 at an intersection with Route 43.

US-4 continues east, meeting the west end of New Hampshire Route 152 and proceeding into Nottingham and then into Lee, where US-4 meets Route 125 at a rotary interchange. After leaving this interchange, US-4 crosses into Durham and becomes a semi-limited-access highway. US-4 has a partial eastbound interchange with Route 155 and a diamond interchange with Route 155A down the road, providing access to the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham. US-4 has one more interchange, with Route 108, before becoming a full-access highway again. US-4 continues east towards the coast and crosses the tidal Bellamy River to enter Dover, then interchanges with the Spaulding Turnpike (Route 16). US-4 joins the Turnpike southbound, closely paralleling the Maine state border and crossing the Little Bay Bridge into the town of Newington before continuing into the city of Portsmouth. US-4 terminates just south of the Maine state line at the final southbound interchange with Interstate 95, where the Turnpike splits to merge with I-95 South, and Route 16 continues south to end at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle, providing access to I-95 North and U.S. Route 1 Bypass.


The section of US 4 from the Vermont state line to Andover (and NH 11 from Andover to Franklin) was first numbered in 1925 as an eastern extension of New England Route 14. From Franklin to Concord, New Hampshire the road was designated as Route 6 (now US 3), and from Concord to Northwood, New Hampshire it was Route 9 (now NH-9). Between Northwood and Dover, New Hampshire, the road was previously not numbered. From Dover to its eastern terminus at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the road used part of Route 16 (now New Hampshire Route 16).

Junction list[edit]

Exit numbers listed are those of the primary highway with which US 4 is concurrent.

County Location[3][4] mi[3][4] km Exit Destinations Notes
Grafton Lebanon 0.000 0.000 US 4 west (Bridge Street) to US 5 / VT 14 – White River Junction Continuation into Vermont
0.247 0.398 NH 10 north (North Main Street) – Hanover Western end of concurrency with NH 10
0.587 0.945 NH 12A south (South Main Street) Northern terminus of NH 12A
2.230 3.589 I‑89 / NH 10 south – Enfield, Concord, Vermont Exit 19 on I-89; eastern end of concurrency with NH 10
NH 120 (Hanover Street / School Street) – Hanover, Meriden, Claremont
6.091 9.803 I‑89 / NH 10 – Grantham, Concord, Lebanon, Hanover, Vermont Exit 17 on I-89 / NH 10
7.858 12.646 NH 4A south – Enfield Center, Andover Northern terminus of NH 4A
Canaan 17.695 28.477 NH 118 north (Dorchester Road) – Dorchester, West Rumney Southern terminus of NH 118
Merrimack Danbury 31.624 50.894 NH 104 east (Ragged Mountain Highway) – Bristol Western terminus of NH 104
Andover 38.639 62.183 NH 11 west (Main Street) Western end of concurrency with NH 11
41.401 66.628 NH 11 east (Franklin Highway) – Franklin Eastern end of concurrency with NH 11
Salisbury 47.442 76.350 NH 127 (South Road / Franklin Road) – Webster, Franklin
Boscawen 53.880 86.711 US 3 north to I‑93 north – Franklin, Alton Western end of concurrency with US 3
55.155 88.763 US 3 south – Concord Eastern end of concurrency with US 3
Concord 57.937 93.241 I‑93 north (Styles Bridges Highway) – Tilton, Plymouth Exit 17 on I-93; western end of concurrency with I-93
61.233 98.545 16 To NH 132 (East Side Drive) – East Concord
63.413 102.053 I‑93 south (Styles Bridges Highway) – Manchester, Boston
I‑393 east / US 202 to US 3 (North Main Street) – Downtown
Exit 15 on I-93; eastern end of concurrency with I-93
Western terminus of I-393; western end of concurrency with I-393 / US 202 concurrency
63.670 102.467 1 Fort Eddy Road – NHTI Community College
63.965 102.942 Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Merrimack River
64.730 104.173 2 NH 132 (East Side Drive)
66.557 107.113 3 NH 106 (Sheep Davis Road) to NH 9 west – Laconia, Pembroke
Pembroke 68.008 109.448 I‑393 west / NH 9 west – Concord Hgts. Business District Eastern terminus of I-393 and its concurrency with US 4; western end of concurrency with NH 9; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Epsom 73.088 117.624 NH 28 (Suncook Valley Highway) – Pittsfield, Allenstown Traffic circle
76.748 123.514 NH 107 south – Deerfield, Raymond Western end of concurrency with NH 107
Rockingham Northwood 78.657 126.586 NH 107 north (School Street) – Pittsfield, Northwood Narrows Eastern end of concurrency with NH 107
84.501 135.991 US 202 east / NH 9 east (Rochester Road) / NH 43 south (Mountain Avenue) – Dover, Rochester, Deerfield, Candia Eastern end of concurrency with US 202 / NH 9; northern terminus of NH 43
85.163 137.057 NH 152 east (Nottingham Road) – Nottingham, Lee Western terminus of NH 152
Strafford Lee 92.597 149.020 NH 125 (Calef Highway) – Epping, Kingston, Barrington, Rochester Traffic circle
93.968 151.227 NH 155 (Turtle Pond Road) – Lee, Madbury Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Durham 95.292 153.358 NH 155A (Main Street) – Durham, Lee Interchange
98.325 158.239 NH 108 (Dover Road) – Durham, Dover Interchange
Dover 105.225 169.343 Spaulding Turnpike / NH 16 north – Somersworth, Rochester, Conway Exit 6 on Spaulding Turnpike; western end of concurrency with Spaulding Turnpike
Rockingham Newington 105.325 169.504 1 Gosling Road (Pease International Tradeport)
Portsmouth 106.83 171.93 I‑95 / Spaulding Turnpike / NH 16 / US 1 Byp. – Hampton, Boston, Portland Portsmouth Circle; eastern terminus of US 4 and southern terminus of the Spaulding Turnpike / NH 16; I-95 Exits 4–5
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes[edit]

Suffixed routes[edit]

New Hampshire Route 4A
Location: Lebanon-Andover
Length: 23.955 mi[3] (38.552 km)

New Hampshire Route 4A is a 24-mile (39 km) long route between Lebanon and Andover, New Hampshire, serving as a shortcut around several villages on U.S. Route 4. Until Interstate 89 was built in the early 1970s, this was part of the main route between the Lebanon-Hanover area and the southeastern portion of New Hampshire. Today, traffic is very light on this road.

NH 4A is signed as a north-south highway, although its orientation is more southeast-northwest. The northern terminus is in Lebanon at US 4, near the western tip of Lake Mascoma. The southern terminus is in the town of Andover at New Hampshire Route 11, about 3/4 mile southwest of its intersection with US 4. This highway is locally named the 4th New Hampshire Turnpike.

Route 4A is an alternate route of U.S. Route 4, and not of New Hampshire Route 4, a completely different route located in Dover.


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