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Chang Arena
"Thunder Castle"
Isan, Mueang Buri Ram District, Buri Ram 31000, Thailand - panoramio (6).jpg
Full nameChang Arena
LocationBan Bua, Mueang Buriram, Buriram, Thailand
Coordinates14°57′57″N 103°05′40″E / 14.965952°N 103.094555°E / 14.965952; 103.094555
OwnerBuriram United F.C.
OperatorBuriram United F.C.
Capacity24,000 seating initially
32,600 seating since 2014[1]
Broke ground4 October 2010
Opened4 June 2011
Construction costUS$12–17 million
Buriram United F.C.

Buriram Stadium, known for sponsorship purposes as Chang Arena is a 32,600-seat football stadium in Buriram, Thailand.[2] The stadium is the home of Thailand's 2011, 2013, and 2015 treble champions, Buriram United. Chang Arena is the largest club-owned football stadium in Thailand. Its nickname is "Thunder Castle", the fifth castle of Buriram Province.


Chang Arena is in the Mueang Buriram District. The 150-acre site has a capacity of 32,600 people with parking for 500 cars and 1,000 motorcycles. The pitch is floodlit, allowing for night matches.


The stadium is officially named "New I-Mobile Stadium". It is also known as "Thunder Castle Stadium". The stadium is referred as "Chang Arena" due to the sponsorship of Chang beer.[3] The stadium is referred to by its official name, Buriram Stadium, by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).


in front of the stadium
Buriram United Megastore

The stadium is the first sole-use football stadium in Thailand that meets FIFA and AFC standards. The stadium is eligible to host all levels of domestic or international football matches. The stadium houses locker rooms for home and visiting teams, modern medical facilities, and television and radio broadcasting facilities.

International football matches[edit]

Date Team #1 Score Team #2 Match
14 July 2011  Thailand 1 – 0  Myanmar Friendly
15 July 2011  Thailand 1 – 1  Myanmar Friendly
23 July 2011  Thailand 1 – 0  Palestine 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)
10 November 2017  North Korea 4 – 1  Malaysia 2019 AFC Asian Cup qualification – Third Round
13 November 2017  Malaysia 1 – 4  North Korea 2019 AFC Asian Cup qualification – Third Round


The average and highest attendances at Buriram United domestic league competitions:

Year Average Highest Competition
2011 15,008 24,712 2011 Thai Premier League
2012 15,319 23,033 2012 Thai Premier League
2013 18,941 27,088 2013 Thai Premier League
2014 19,132 33,325 2014 Thai Premier League
2015 19,553 33,269 2015 Thai Premier League
2016 15,547 32,600 2016 Thai League T1


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Coordinates: 14°57′57″N 103°05′40″E / 14.965952°N 103.094555°E / 14.965952; 103.094555