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New Indian Model School, Dubai
NIMS Dubai Logo.png
United Arab Emirates
Established 1st May 1980
Founder Dr. M.K. Kamaluddin
School board CBSE, KB
Chairman Zakir Hussain Kamaluddin
Principal Dr. Mohammed Aslam Khan
Grades Kindergarten to Grade 12

New Indian Model School was started in 1988 and is located in Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They started the school by renting apartments. The onset of the heavy migration of workers and labourers from Indian subcontinent to Dubai, during the oil boom, was particularly good for the school. The school provided concessions for families sending multiple children. The student population mainly comprises students coming from India.

Islamic environment[edit]

The presence of a good Islamic environment provided encouragement for a lot of students from outside world to join the school. The presence of Arab students are rare, however a few could be spotted coming from migrant families during the 1990s. The breaks at school are designed in such a way as to complete the five daily prayers along with recess. The teachers would encourage the students to go to the school Mosque.

Multiple syllabuses[edit]

The School follows multiple syllabuses which include CBSE,[1] [2] Kerala State and Montessori. It has good track record on results in public exams also.

The main attraction for the South Indian students, especially from Kerala, is due to the teaching of Kerala Syllabus and Malayalam. There were not many options for the Keralite families to send their children elsewhere. The teaching of all the languages extends up to the tenth standard, after which the students would have various language and syllabuses to choose from.

The school mosque[edit]

The students in the school have opportunity to learn the Qur'an during their studies. The Imams present in the mosque are well versed in Qur'an recitation. During everyday after asr prayer there would be a short talk in the mosque, encouraging the Muslim students to spend more time to learn and preach the religion. After the daily afternoon prayer there would be a short reading from the books of Hadiths for boys.


The school has facilities mainly for Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball and Football. The students from the school are particularly trained and performs well in inter-school volleyball tournaments. Students are trained how to be fit each day by a complete sports training program. The school has recently won the Inter-School Sports Championship trophy.

Shift timings[edit]

Due to overcrowding, girls and boys are separated after the third standard to different shifts. Boys attend the afternoon shift while Girls continue on the morning shift. On exceptional cases, few boys are allowed to study in the morning shift in 3rd Standard.

KHDA inspection report[edit]

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is an educational quality assurance authority based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It undertakes early learning, school and higher learning institution management and rates them as well.

A summary of the inspection ratings for New Indian Model School.

School Name 2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-2010 Curriculum
New Indian Model School Acceptable[3] Acceptable[4] Acceptable[5] Acceptable[6] Indian (CBSE)

A summary of all the schools in Dubai's ratings can be found at KHDA School Ratings.[7]

Other campuses[edit]

  • The Central School, Dubai
  • Model School, Abu Dhabi
  • New Indian Model School, Al Ain
  • New Indian Model School, Sharjah


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