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New Japan Aviation
Shin Nihon Kōkū
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded July 1969
Fleet size 5
Destinations 2
Headquarters Kagoshima Airport, Japan

New Japan Aviation (新日本航空 Shin Nihon Kōkū?) is a Japanese aviation services company that operates scheduled air service between Niigata and Sado Island, as well as flight training and other services from its headquarters at Kagoshima Airport.


NJA began scheduled service between Niigata and Sado in February 2011.[1] NJA suspended the route for eleven days in July 2012 after its Islander aircraft struck a car while taxiing at Niigata Airport.[2] NJA suspended the route again in February 2013 due to a faulty generator indicator on its Islander aircraft, which could only be fixed by importing special components.[3] The service resumed in August 2013.[4] It is the only airline currently providing scheduled service to Sado Island, although other scheduled operators have served the airport in the past.[5]

Scheduled destinations[edit]

Nonscheduled destinations / Charter flights[edit]



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