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"New Jersey National Guard" redirects here. For the air division, see New Jersey Air National Guard.

The New Jersey Army National Guard consists of over 9000 Guardsmen.[citation needed] The Guard is currently engaged in several worldwide and homeland missions. Units have deployed to Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Egypt. The Guard has also deployed to help with the recovery from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The New Jersey Army National Guard is governed through the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

On the home front, the Guard is responsible for Homeland Security tasks in the State of New Jersey.

The NJ National Guard contributed forces to the 44th Division when it was constituted on 19 October 1920 as a National Guard Division, as a result of the National Defense Act of 1920's major expansion of the National Guard.[1][2] As originally conceived, the division was to consist of National Guard units from the States of Delaware, New Jersey and New York. The 57th Infantry Brigade was the New Jersey contribution.

The New Jersey Army National Guard maintained the 50th Armored Division in the force from 1946 to 1988, and afterwards contributed a New Jersey brigade to the 42nd Infantry Division.

The unit patch of New Jersey STARC (State Area Command)

Commander-in-Chief: Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey

The Adjutant General: (Acting) Brig. Gen. Michael L. Cunniff

Assistant Adjutant General: Major General Maria A. Falca-Dodson

Deputy Commissioner for Veterans Affairs: Raymond L. Zawacki

Chief of the Joint Staff: Brigadier General James J. Grant

Major commands of the New Jersey Army National Guard[edit]

  • 42nd Regional Support Group
    • 117th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
    • 508th Military Police Combat Support Company
    • 50th Chemical Company
    • 154th Water Purification Company
    • 50th Financial Management Company
    • 63rd Army Band.

253rd Transportation Company

Awards and decorations of the NJ National Guard[edit]

  • New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal
  • New Jersey Meritorious Service Medal
  • New Jersey Valor Ribbon
  • New Jersey Commendation Medal
  • New Jersey Medal of Honor
  • New Jersey Good Conduct Ribbon
  • New Jersey Merit Award
  • New Jersey Desert Storm Service Medal
  • New Jersey Desert Storm Ribbon
  • New Jersey State Service Award
  • New Jersey Recruiting Award
  • New Jersey Governor's Unit Award
  • New Jersey Unit Strength Award
250th Signal Battalion in Iraq

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