New Jersey General Assembly, 2004–06 term

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The New Jersey General Assembly is the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature. The following is the roster and leadership positions for the 2004-2006 term. The term began on January 12, 2004 and ended on January 10, 2006.

This assembly was preceded by the 2002-2004 assembly and was followed by the 2006-2008 assembly.

District map (2001 redistricting) colored by 2004 to 2005 term representative party
Composition at election
Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 47
  Republican Party 33
Total 80


Speaker: Albio Sires (District 33)

Majority Leader: Joseph J. Roberts (District 5)

Speaker Pro Tempore: Donald Kofi Tucker (District 28)

Majority Conference Leader: Loretta Weinberg (District 37)

Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore: Jerry Green (District 22)

Deputy Speakers: Herb Conaway (District 7), Nellie Pou (District 35), Joan M. Quigley (District 32), Alfred E. Steele (District 35), John S. Wisniewski (District 19)

Deputy Majority Leader: Neil M. Cohen (District 20)

Assistant Majority Leaders: John J. Burzichelli (District 3); Nilsa Cruz-Perez (District 5); Joseph Cryan (District 20); Linda R. Greenstein (District 14)

Parliamentarian: Wilfredo Caraballo (District 29)

Deputy Majority Conference Leader: William D. Payne (District 29)

Majority Whip: Peter J. Barnes (District 18)

Assistant Majority Whips: John F. McKeon (District 27); Robert J. Smith II (District 4)

Minority Leader: Alex DeCroce (District 26)

Minority Conference Leader: Guy R. Gregg (District 24)

Minority Whip: Francis J. Blee (District 2)

Deputy Minority Leaders: Kevin J. O'Toole (District 40); Steve Corodemus (District 11)

Assistant Minority Leaders: Christopher Bateman (District 16); Samuel D. Thompson (District 13); David W. Wolfe (District 10)

Assistant Minority Whips: Francis L. Bodine (District 8); Sean T. Kean (District 11); Alison Littell McHose (District 24)

Policy Chair: Steve Corodemus (District 11)

Parliamentarian: Michael Patrick Carroll (District 25)

Assistant Parliamentarian: Bill Baroni (District 14)

Members of the New Jersey General Assembly (by District)[edit]