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Established in 2007, New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest (NJISACF) is based in New Jersey and dedicated to South Asian independent films. The annual festival is produced by the Asian American Film and Theater Project, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt US based non profit organization committed to the promotion, production and exhibition of film and theater works that reflect the diverse experiences of the South Asian diaspora across the globe.


NJISACF is dedicated to introducing its target audience in New Jersey-New York-Connecticut–about 250,000 South Asians as well as the mainstream American population in the New Jersey-New York- Connecticut area–to some of the alternative brilliant films that reflect the complex experiences of being a South Asian in the 21st century. Along with this, NJISACF helps to introduce and promote the South Asian independent filmmakers. NJISACF aims to be a major cultural event of New Jersey-New York, and has been hailed by the audience as a "pioneering event", a "gift to New Jersey and the South Asian community", and "one of the best things that happened to New Jersey". NJISACF is solely managed by volunteers, partners and sponsors, to bring the magic of the South Asian silver screen to its audience, and unite in the celebration of a common spirit.

NJISACF 2007 Winners[edit]

In its maiden year, NJISACF showcased some of the most recent and brilliant films from and about South Asia. The winners of NJISACF 2007 were:

  • Best short film - Viva Liberty, (UK), Director - Dishad Husain
  • Best documentary film - Divided We Fall, (USA), Director - Valarie Kaur, Sharat Raju
  • Best feature film - Waking Dreams, (USA), Director - Deepika Daggubatti

NJISACF 2008[edit]

NJISACF 2008 will be held from 19–21 September 2008, at the Rutgers Busch Campus Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey. This three-day cine fest will showcase an array of more than 30 brilliant films by talented South Asian filmmakers from the USA, UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and many other countries. These films together aim to create a focused, lively environment for conversation, education and exploration of issues that face South Asia and the South Asian diaspora, as well as create a prolonged space where the pertinent social-political-cultural issues that form the core subject of these films can be discussed and understood. The screening of the acclaimed feature, short, documentary and animated films of all genres will be accompanied by filmmaker Q&A s, and panel discussions on various topics related to the craft and business of filmmaking. Jury and Audience Choice Prizes will be awarded for excellence in various categories.

NJISACF 2009[edit]

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Bioscope is the monthly newsletter of NJISACF, through which the organization brings to its readers news of the latest South Asian independent films and filmmakers, interviews as well as the festival updates. It profiles a filmmaker every month, and promotes fresh filmmakers and new films.

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