New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame

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George Elwood Smith (born 1930)
Selman Abraham Waksman (1888–1973)
Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
Samuel Leeds Allen (1841–1918)
Seth Boyden (1788–1870)

The New Jersey Inventor's Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to honor individuals and corporations in New Jersey for their inventions. Award recipients are recognized at the annual Award Banquet Dinner. The New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame operated from 1987 to 2002 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, from 2003 to 2007 with support from the Research and Development Council of New Jersey. Starting in 2008 it was under the aegis of Stevens Institute of Technology Office of Academic Entrepreneurship. In 2010, Greenberg Traurig became a co-sponsor of the organization.

Hall of Fame Inductees[edit]

Name Year Invention NJ affiliation
Cecelski , EdwardEdward Cecelski VCR, metal disk player RCA
Tesla, NikolaNikola Tesla 2014
Sabnani, Krishan K.Krishan K. Sabnani 2014
Ban, Vladimir S.Vladimir S. Ban 2014
Pierce, John R.John R. Pierce 2014
Joshi, Rajiv V.Rajiv V. Joshi 2014
Craft, JackJack Craft 2014
Ahmed, Adel A.Adel A. Ahmed 2013
Mills, Sander G.Sander G. Mills 2013
Schenker, LeoLeo Schenker 2013
Wheatley Jr., C. FrankC. Frank Wheatley Jr. 2013
Balazs , Endre AlexanderEndre Alexander Balazs 2012
Tung Li, Shu-Shu- Tung Li 2012
Orton , ElwinElwin Orton 2012
Hagmann, William K.William K. Hagmann 2012 medicinal chemistry innovations Merck & Co
Siekierka, JohnJohn Siekierka 2011 Bell Labs
Gertzman, Arthur A.Arthur A. Gertzman 2011
Schneemeyer, LynnLynn Schneemeyer 2011 material science innovations Rutgers University
Tompsett, Michael FrancisMichael Francis Tompsett 2010 First Thermal and Charge Coupled Imager Patents , CCD Cameras and MOS Video ADC Bell Laboratories
Sokol, HermanHerman Sokol 2009 pemetrexed Bristol-Myers Squibb
Taylor, Edward C.Edward C. Taylor 2008 tetracycline Princeton University
Sessler, Gerhard M.Gerhard M. Sessler 2008 electret microphone Bell Labs
Boyle, WillardWillard Boyle 2008 charge-coupled device Bell Labs
Smith, George E.George E. Smith 2008 charge-coupled device Bell Labs
Gordon, Eugene I.Eugene I. Gordon 2008 fiber optics innovations Bell Labs
West, James Edward MaceoJames Edward Maceo West 2008 electret microphone Bell Labs
Orenstein, HenryHenry Orenstein 2006 various toys
Black, Harold StephenHarold Stephen Black 2006 negative feedback amplifier Bell Labs
Thompson, Kenneth LaneKenneth Lane Thompson 2006 programming languages Bell Labs
Ritchie, Dennis MacAlistairDennis MacAlistair Ritchie 2006 programming languages Bell Labs
Alphonse, Gerard A.Gerard A. Alphonse 2005
Fuller, Calvin SoutherCalvin Souther Fuller 2005 photovoltaics Bell Labs
Early, James M.James M. Early 2004 Early effect Bell Labs
Allen, Samuel LeedsSamuel Leeds Allen 2004 Flexible Flyer Moorestown Township, New Jersey
Roebling, John AugustusJohn Augustus Roebling 2002 suspension bridge innovations Trenton, New Jersey worked
Kogelnik, HerwigHerwig Kogelnik 2002 Bell Labs
Ash, GeraldGerald Ash 2001 Dynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing Bell Labs
Netravali, ArunArun Netravali 2001 HDTV Bell Labs
Campbell, Donald L.Donald L. Campbell 2001 fluid catalytic cracking ExxonMobil
Murphree, Eger V.Eger V. Murphree 2001 fluid catalytic cracking ExxonMobil
de Forest, LeeLee de Forest 2001 audion tube
Goetz, MartinMartin Goetz 2000 software Applied Data Research
Nobile, ArthurArthur Nobile 2000 prednisone Newark, New Jersey born
Lake, SimonSimon Lake 2000 submarine innovations Pleasantville, New Jersey born
Carrier, Willis HavilandWillis Haviland Carrier 1999 air conditioning Newark, New Jersey worked
Kreitchman, Morton A.Morton A. Kreitchman 1999 fluid control valves Valcor Engineering Corporation
Schawlow, Arthur LeonardArthur Leonard Schawlow 1999 Bell Labs
Armstrong, Edwin HowardEdwin Howard Armstrong 1998 FM radio, regenerative receiver, superheterodyne receiver Alpine, New Jersey worked
Baker, William O.William O. Baker 1998 synthetic rubber Bell Labs
DuMont, Allen BalcomAllen Balcom DuMont 1998 television DuMont Television Network
Cho, Alfred Y.Alfred Y. Cho 1997 Bell Labs
Ranger, Richard HowlandRichard Howland Ranger 1997 Radio Corporation of America
Flanagan, James L.James L. Flanagan 1997 Rutgers University
Olson, Harry F.Harry F. Olson 1996 Radio Corporation of America
Paul, LesLes Paul 1996 guitar pickup Mahwah, New Jersey lived
Dimmick, GlennGlenn Dimmick 1995 Sound Motion Picture Recording RCA
Bardeen, JohnJohn Bardeen 1994 transistor Bell Labs
Shockley, WilliamWilliam Shockley 1994 transistor Bell Labs
Brattain, WalterWalter Brattain 1994 transistor Bell Labs
Lucky, Robert WendellRobert Wendell Lucky 1993 Bell Labs
Pestka, SidneySidney Pestka 1993 Hoffmann-La Roche
Fletcher, Charles JosephCharles Joseph Fletcher 1993 aerospace innovations Franklin, New Jersey lived
Hawkins, Walter LincolnWalter Lincoln Hawkins 1992 Bell Labs
Andrews (inventor), SolomonSolomon Andrews (inventor) 1992 dirigible Perth Amboy, New Jersey lived
Hillier, JamesJames Hillier 1992 electron microscope Radio Corporation of America
Sinfelt, John H.John H. Sinfelt 1992 unleaded gasoline ExxonMobil
Weimer, Paul K.Paul K. Weimer 1992 thin-film transistor Radio Corporation of America
Rose (physicist), AlbertAlbert Rose (physicist) 1992 video camera tube Radio Corporation of America
Jansky, Karl G.Karl G. Jansky 1992 radio telescope Bell Labs
Weston (chemist), EdwardEdward Weston (chemist) 1990 New Jersey Institute of Technology
Goodwin, HannibalHannibal Goodwin 1990 Newark, New Jersey lived
Smith, OberlinOberlin Smith 1990 magnetic recording Bridgeton, New Jersey lived
Lemelson, Jerome H.Jerome H. Lemelson 1990
Zworykin, VladimirVladimir Zworykin 1989 television Radio Corporation of America
Waksman, SelmanSelman Waksman 1989 streptomycin Rutgers University
Sternbach, LeoLeo Sternbach 1989 benzodiazepines Hoffman-La Roche
Edison, Thomas A.Thomas A. Edison 1989 various innovations Edison laboratory
Vail, AlfredAlfred Vail 1989 telegraph Speedwell Ironworks
Einstein, AlbertAlbert Einstein 1989 theoretical physics Institute for Advanced Study
Rajchman, Jan A.Jan A. Rajchman 1989 read-only memory Radio Corporation of America
Stevens (inventor), JohnJohn Stevens (inventor) 1989 various innovations Hoboken, New Jersey lived
Boyden, SethSeth Boyden 1989 malleable iron Newark, New Jersey worked

Inventors of the Year[edit]

Name Year Invention NJ affiliation
Murphy, William T.William T. Murphy 2014
Yaqub., RaziqRaziq Yaqub. 2014
Attygalle , Athula B.Athula B. Attygalle 2014
Riman., Richard ERichard E Riman. 2014
Sunwoo., Moon HaeMoon Hae Sunwoo. 2014
Giovannoli, JosephJoseph Giovannoli 2013
Guo, XimingXiming Guo and Standish, K. Allen Jr. 2013
Mammone., RichardRichard Mammone. 2013
Vorsa, NicholiNicholi Vorsa 2013
Ansari , NirwanNirwan Ansari 2012
Kotenko , SergeiSergei Kotenko 2012
McNair, BruceBruce McNair 2012
Tallal, PaulaPaula Tallal 2012 educational software innovations Rutgers University [1]
Comaniciu 2011 robust object tracking Siemens
Paladini, GianlucaGianluca Paladini 2011 volume visualization Siemens
Pestka, SidneySidney Pestka 2008 interferon Hoffman-La Roche
Bar-Ness, YeheskelYeheskel Bar-Ness 2006 New Jersey Institute of Technology
Morris (cryptographer), RobertRobert Morris (cryptographer) 2004 cryptography Bell Labs
Eslambolchi, HosseinHossein Eslambolchi 2002 Bell Labs
Gerszberg, IrwinIrwin Gerszberg 2002 Innovations in DSL and Telco Plant AT&T Labs
Anderson, Philip WarrenPhilip Warren Anderson 2001 Bell Labs
Atal, BishnuBishnu Atal 2000 linear predictive coding Bell Labs
West, James Edward MaceoJames Edward Maceo West 1995 electret microphone Bell Labs
MacChesney, John B.John B. MacChesney 1995 optical communications Bell Labs
Wu, Liang TaiLiang Tai Wu 1995 asynchronous transfer mode Bell Communications Research
Ketchledge, Raymond W.Raymond W. Ketchledge 1989 Bell Labs
Narasimhan, DaveDave Narasimhan 1989 AlliedSignal
Ondetti, MiguelMiguel Ondetti 1989 captopril Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cushman, DavidDavid Cushman 1989 captopril Bristol-Myers Squibb