2013 New Jersey State Senate election

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New Jersey State Senate elections, 2013

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All 40 seats to the New Jersey Senate
21 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney (cropped).jpg Tom Kean, Jr (11-17-18).jpg
Leader Steve Sweeney Tom Kean, Jr.
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat District 3 District 21
Last election 24 seats 16 seats
Seats won 24 16
Seat change Steady 0 Steady 0
Popular vote 899,672 988,214
Percentage 47.4% 52.1%

Senate President before election

Stephen M. Sweeney

Elected Senate President

Stephen M. Sweeney

The 2013 New Jersey State Senate election coincided with Chris Christie's re-election to a second term as Governor of New Jersey. Christie entered the 2013 cycle as a strong favorite for reelection. Christie held strong approval ratings around the 70% range, and many of the state's top Democrats had decided not to pursue a run against him. Christie's opponent, State Senator Barbara Buono, was viewed as a weak candidate who failed to rally the state's Democratic establishment behind her candidacy.

Although Christie easily won reelection and the Republicans gained the most total votes in this election, they failed to pick up a single seat in the Senate. Indeed, 2013 was an election of remarkable stability in the Senate, as just one seat (that of gubernatorial nominee Buono) failed to return its incumbent to office.

Overall results[edit]

24 16
Democratic Republican
Parties Seats Popular Vote
2011 2013 +/- Strength Vote % Change
Democratic 24 24 Steady0 60% 899,672 47.4% Steady0.0%
Republican 16 16 Steady0 40% 988,214 52.1% Steady0.0%
Libertarian 0 0 Steady 0% 1,014 0.1% Steady0.0%
Independent 0 0 Steady 0% 8,924 0.5% Steady0.0%
Total 40 40 0 100.0% 1,898,155 100.0% -