New Julfa Armenian Cemetery

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New Julfa Armenian Cemetery is a historical cemetery near New Julfa Armenian quarter of Isfahan, Iran.

International Interments[edit]

Among those interred here are:

See full list of international internmets here[8]

Polish Section[edit]

During World War II (1942–1945), hundreds of Polish orphans passed through Isfahan from Soviet Union en route to the Persian Gulf ports for departure to Africa or to New Zealand. Some of them lived in Isfahan from the beginning until the end of the war, other stayed there shortly. They had to recover their health as soon as possible, having gone through arduous experience in Soviet Union.

The graves of those Polish, who did not succeed in coming back home, situated on a separate section at the eastern border of the cemetery, at main alley dividing the cemetery and is surrounded by a rather low wall. At its right border, there are two rows of individual graves. The section includes 18 graves (1 military and 17 civilians) altogether. The principal element of the Polish plot is a central granite monument with Piast Eagle, engraved on it. The eagle is crowned and it has an image of Czestochowa Holy Mother on its chest. It is located near the grave of Tadeusz Mironowicz.[9]

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