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The New Liberal Movement (New LM) was a South Australian political party that had parliamentary representation during the mid-1970s.

Formed by Robin Millhouse on 6 May 1976 following the dissolution of the Liberal Movement, the New LM sought to be the true liberal party in South Australia, arguing that the Liberal Party of Australia was no longer worthy of the descriptor liberal. Millhouse, as the New LM's only parliamentary representative (in the South Australian House of Assembly, representing the electoral district of Mitcham), kept a high profile for the New LM until the emergence of the Australian Democrats led many New LM members, including Millhouse and his assistant Janine Haines, to join the fledgling party, after which the New LM ceased to exist.

In his book The Third Man, Don Chipp recalls attending a March 1977 meeting convened by John Siddons and attended by

other Australia Party executives and Robin Millhouse, the South Australian MP whom I had admired for many years, and his executive colleagues from the New Liberal Movement were also present. The two parties had already held several meetings over the years to attempt an amalgamation, as their political philosophies were both essentially 'middle of the road'.[1]


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