New Liberalism (Colombia)

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Colombian politician Luis Carlos Galán founded the Nuevo Liberalismo (New Liberalism) in 1979, as a dissident force of the Colombian Liberal Party.

Running against both the conservatives and the mainstream party, Galán lost the elections in 1982. He and his movement officially returned to the Liberal Party in 1987, but several of the members still considered themselves as part of a somewhat distinct entity. Back in the Liberal fold, Luis Carlos Galán appeared as the leading candidate in polls and hoped to be able to win the next presidential elections which would be held in 1989.

After Galán's assassination in 1989, any remnants of the party had dissolved by the 1990s. Nowadays it is a political party in Colombia. At the last legislative elections, 10 March 2002, the party won as one of the many small parties parliamentary representation.