New Light, North Carolina

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New Light
Unincorporated community

New Light is an unincorporated community in New Light Township, Wake County, North Carolina.[1] It is located at the intersection of Purnell Rd (SR 1909), Stony Hill Rd (SR 1917), and Mangum Dairy Rd (SR 1911).[2] It has an elevation of 413 ft.[3] As of January 2019, New Light Township has a population of 8,687 and a median home value of $380,000.[4]


In the 1750s, New Light Baptists migrated from New England to North Carolina.[1] They established the first Baptist church in Wake County in 1771.[5] The community later had a creek and a township named after them.


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Coordinates: 36°00′45″N 78°35′50″W / 36.012532°N 78.597331°W / 36.012532; -78.597331