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Coordinates: 37°42′55″N 89°13′32″W / 37.71528°N 89.22556°W / 37.71528; -89.22556

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (CMCMA) is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and was established in 1993. The CMCMA has three programs of undergraduate study including the Department of Cinema & Photography, the Department of Radio-Television, and the School of Journalism. The Department of Cinema & Photography and Radio-Television award a Bachelor of Arts degree and the School of Journalism awards a Bachelor of Science degree.

The CMCMA also offers four graduate programs:(MA, MS, MFA, and a PhD Program).

WSIU Public Broadcasting, an NPR affiliate, is also housed within the CMCMA.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Jim Bittermann, Senior CNN European correspondent based in Paris
  • Jackie Spinner, Instructor, Georgetown University
  • Robert K. Weiss, major American film and television producer
  • Milcho Manchevski, feature film director, whose film "Dust" won the Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival
  • Steve James, independent documentary filmmaker, whose credits include the Oscar-nominated, "Hoop Dreams"
  • Joe Swanberg, Owner of

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