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New Moon
New Moon Girls magazine July August 2012 cover.jpg
July August 2012 cover
Editor Girls Editorial Board (GEB for short)
Categories Feminism
Frequency Bi-monthly
Year founded 1992
First issue March 1993
Country United States, but is read by girls across the world
Based in Duluth, Minnesota
Language English

New Moon is a magazine and moderated Internet forum intended for girls ages 8 and up.[1] The magazine is published in Duluth, Minnesota,[2] United States on a bi-monthly basis by New Moon Girl Media.[3]


New Moon was established in 1992.[4] The first issue of the magazine was published in March 1993. The magazine was started by Nancy Gruver, Joe Kelly and their daughters Mavis and Nia. The magazine consists of 36 pages and contains no advertisements. It is edited by the Girls Editorial Board, a group of girls ages 8–14. About 90 percent of the magazine's content is contributed by girls, and submissions from readers are encouraged.[5] Magazine issues come in the mail every two months and are sold online and in many chain and independent bookstores in the US and Canada. The magazine was published on a monthly basis at the beginning of the 2000s.[1]

In September, 2008 the group created a COPPA-compliant online creative community for girls that is moderated by adults. On the site, girls from different countries can create and share stories, poems, illustrations, audio and video clips, and "sticker" (message) each other.

Regular departments include "Language," which explains the physic changes that happen during childhood and puberty; "Global Village," which introduces readers to girls from other countries; "Women's Work," which profiles a woman in an interesting profession; "Herstory," which introduces readers to little-known women from history; "Girls on the Go," which covers girls' activism and adventure stories; and "Science Side Effects," which contains a science experiment intended for trying at home. Other regular departments are "Ask a Girl", where girls give each other advice on problems, "Voice Box", where girls debate topics like allowances, "Luna's Art Gallery", art submissions from readers, and "Girl Caught", intended for improving girls' media literacy by identifying ads and products that they believe are respectful or disrespectful to girls and women.

The magazine's content and online features are written primarily by girls and selected by the Girls Editorial Board, a group of about 30 girls ages 8–14. They also create content to be featured on the website, and help promote the magazine and website through posters, word of mouth and the Internet.

The online community includes many of the articles published in the magazine, which provides more than 20,000 pages of writing, poetry, opinions, advice, photos, art and videos by girls. The online community is moderated by adults who have been on a specialized training course, and is designed to be appropriate for girls ages 8 and up. Most contributions of girl-created content to the site are from girls ages 10 and up. Users of the site are required to obtain permission from their parent or guardian.


  • Parents' Choice Foundation Gold Award for Best Children's Magazine, 2008.
  • Minnesota Magazine Publication Association: Silver Excellence Award for Best Single Topic Issue, January/February 2007 and Bronze Excellence Award for Best Regular Column-"Go Girl!"
  • Parents' Choice Foundation Silver Award for Best Children's Magazine, 2007
  • Golden Lamp Award - The Association of Educational Publishers, 2006
  • World Summit Award of Appreciation from Images and Voices of Hope - "Magazine that is Transforming Public Space," 2006
  • Parents' Choice Foundation Approved Award Winner, 2006.
  • Minnesota Magazine Publication Association Gold Excellence Award for Best Regular Column – "Body Language" Silver Excellence Award for Best Special Issue – "25 Beautiful Girls", 2005.
  • Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, 2005.
  • Parenting Media Award Winner, 2005.
  • Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, 2004.
  • Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award, 2003.
  • Educational Press Association of America, Best on-Themes Issue Finalist, 2003.


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