New Orleans mayoral election, 1994

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New Orleans mayoral election, 1998
New Orleans
← 1990 March 5, 1994 1998 →
Nominee Marc Morial Donald Mintz
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 93,094 77,730
Percentage 54% 46%

Mayor before election

Sidney Barthelemy

Elected Mayor

Marc Morial

The New Orleans mayoral election of 1994 resulted in the election of Marc Morial as Mayor of New Orleans.


Elections in Louisiana—with the exception of U.S. presidential elections—follow a variation of the open primary system. Candidates of any and all parties are listed on one ballot; voters need not limit themselves to the candidates of one party. Unless one candidate takes more than 50% of the vote in the first round, a run-off election is then held between the top two candidates, who may in fact be members of the same party. In this election, the first round was held on February 5, 1994, and the runoff was held on March 5, 1994.



Given that incumbent mayor Sidney Barthelemy was barred by the city charter from running for a third term, the 1994 mayoral race was seen as one of the most wide-open races in years, with a number of high-profile candidates running. Mintz began his campaign years before the election date, and remained a front-runner throughout the lengthy campaign. After months of speculation, Dutch Morial's widow Sybil Morial decided not to run; her son, Marc Morial then entered the race as the candidate of the Morial family's LIFE organization. After Mitch Landrieu entered the race, much of the election coverage focused on the battle between two sons of former mayors.

The most prominent political issue of the campaign was New Orleans's drastically worsening crime problem, but the two leading candidates - Morial and Mintz - had similar positions on most issues. Rather than a focus on issues, the bitterly contested campaign saw a number of personal attacks, including rumors of Marc Morial's drug use. The runoff campaign was dominated by allegations that a senior campaign worker for Mintz had distributed racist fliers which questioned the religion and sexual orientation of various candidates.


Results of first round of voting, February 5

Candidate Party affiliation Votes received Percentage of votes cast
Donald Mintz Democrat 56,305 37%
Marc Morial Democrat 49,604 32%
Mitch Landrieu Democrat 14,689 10%
Sherman Copelin Democrat 11,731 8%
Ken Carter Democrat 10,818 7%
Lambert Boissiere, Jr. Democrat 5,466 4%
Roy Raspanti Other 3,740 2%
Arthur P. Jacobs Democrat 131 0%
Julius "Chip" Leahman Democrat 117 0%
Jerome E. Slade Other 101 0%

Results of runoff, March 5

Candidate Party affiliation Votes received Percentage of votes cast
Marc Morial Democrat 93,094 54%
Donald Mintz Democrat 77,730 46%


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