New Railway Bridge

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New Railway Bridge
Serbia, Belgrade, New Railway bridge, 02.01.2012. 2.jpg
Coordinates 44°47′58″N 20°26′10″E / 44.79944°N 20.43611°E / 44.79944; 20.43611Coordinates: 44°47′58″N 20°26′10″E / 44.79944°N 20.43611°E / 44.79944; 20.43611
Carries railway
Crosses Sava
Locale Belgrade
Official name Нови железнички мост
Novi železnički most
Design cable-stayed bridge
Total length 1,928 metres (6,325 ft)[1]
Longest span 254 metres (833 ft)[2]
Construction start 1975
Opened 1979[1]

New Railway Bridge (Serbian: Нови железнички мост / Novi železnički most) is a bridge over the Sava river in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is a cable-stayed bridge.

The railway bridge across the River Sava between the Novi Beograd and Prokop stations is 1,928 m (6,325 ft) long.[1]

The construction of the bridge began in 1975 and it was completed and opened for traffic in 1979. The bridge was built as a part of the projected Belgrade railway junction.[1] It was the first bridge in Europe to use cable-stayed girder system.

The bridge was designed by Nikola Hajdin, engineer and former president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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