New Reliable Press

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New Reliable Press
Comic publisher
Industry Comics
Founded 2005
Founder Ed Brisson
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia

New Reliable Press is a Canadian-based comic book and graphic novel publishing company, owned and operated by Ed Brisson.

New Reliable Press is probably best known for publishing the anthology series You Ain't No Dancer, which has contained the work of well-known indie artists like Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carré, Nicholas Gurewitch, K. Thor Jensen, Jason Turner, Hope Larson, Mitch Clem, Liz Prince, Neil Babra, Jim Mahfood, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Dean Trippe, Kate Beaton, Lucy Knisley and Jen Wang.

New Reliable Press ceased operations as a comic publisher in 2010, changing focus to comic and publishing production for other organizations.



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