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The New Revolution Party (NRP) is an American political party begun in 2005 by political theorist, Cain Pence.

It was started in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having spent the previous five years traveling around America visiting each and every congressional district, Pence became convinced of the need for a viable third party alternative to the Republican-Democrat duopoly.

The New Revolution Party seeks to return American politics to a state more in line with the Framers' intentions, specifically, promoting a greater number of competitive races in the United States Congress, especially the House of Representatives. To this end, the New Revolution Party has become an outspoken advocate of term limits. Mr. Pence believes firmly that United State Senators and Congressmen should be term limited. He supports the following Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

United States Senators and United States Congressmen are limited to 12 years consecutive service. Senators can serve no more than 2 consecutive 6 year terms and Congressmen should serve no more than 6 consecutive 2 year terms. Total service cannot include more than 12 years.

The NRP is very much concerned with education, homeland security, and energy independence. The party strongly believes that the first order of the United States’ government is to secure the borders. Regarding education, it advocates school choice and a return to the teaching of the classics. As for energy independence, the NRP pushes for greater use of safe nuclear power and increased support for clean fuels and technology.

Mr. Pence is a graduate of Mankato East High School and Georgetown University. Mr. Pence also is a charter member of the Bull Moose Loggers, a group focused on supporting the undergraduate community at Georgetown University, specifically student veterans, ROTC students, and those who pursue Officer Candidate School after graduation, through several anonymous scholarships each year to these students who struggle financially. Well known for his extensive fitness regime, Mr. Pence makes a daily swim of nearly 10 miles up the Mississippi River from his hometown of Minneapolis.

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