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New Rochelle Historic Site is a designation of the Historical and Landmarks Review Board (HLRB), for buildings, structures, monuments and other historically significant properties in the city of New Rochelle in Westchester County, New York. Significant sites are chosen after meeting a combination of criteria, including historical, economic, architectural, artistic, cultural, and social values.[1]

Settled by French refugees in the 1680s, New Rochelle grew from a farming community to a resort town to one of America’s premier suburban communities, before becoming incorporated as a city in 1899. The 20th century brought tremendous growth and a lion’s share of prominent individuals to the “Queen City on the Sound”. Now the seventh largest city in the state, New Rochelle has an abundance of buildings and landscapes that relate an extraordinary 300+ year history.

In 1998 a consultant for the Historical and Landmarks Review Board was commissioned to prepare a Reconnaissance Level Cultural Resources Survey, an analysis of the most significant historic sites and structures in New Rochelle. The project inventoried one historic district and 78 individual properties that fall within a broad spectrum of land use categories. The principal goal of the survey was to identify the City’s most treasured historic and architectural resources which are documented on New York State inventory forms. Each individual resource was evaluated with respect to its eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. The report follows the format established by SHPO, including the methodology for the survey, criteria for the selection of resources to be inventoried, a historical overview of the project area, a summary of cultural themes identified in the survey, an examination of the stylistic development of historic architecture in New Rochelle, and a narrative description of the existing conditions of the project area.[2]


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Below is the list of New Rochelle Historic Sites, including names, dates of construction, location details and additional background information if available.[3]

[4] Name Image Date Location Description
1 Thomas Paine Cottage 01 2015 Paine Cottage.png 1750 20 Sicard Avenue (Huguenot & New Rochelle Historical Association); Local-designation; National Landmark & NRHP designation
2 Davenport House 1859 157 Davenport Avenue designed by architect Alexander Jackson Davis; NRHP designated
3 Pioneer Building New Rochelle Pioneer; Three-Fourths View.jpg 1897 14 Lawton Street #83004217 NRHP designation
4 Lispenard-Rodman-Davenport House Lispenard-Rodman-Davenport House, 180 Davenport Ave. New Rochelle, (Main building).JPG 1696 180 Davenport Avenue #86002637 NRHP designated
5 Rochelle Park-Rochelle Heights Historic District 1893 Downtown NRHP & local level "Historic District" designation

(East side of North Avenue: southern edge abuts I-95/New Haven Railroad corridor; northern boundary of Fifth Avenue, and easterly boundary of rear lot lines of properties on east side of Rockland Place and west side of Potter Avenue)

6 New Rochelle Post Office USPO New Rochelle jeh.JPG 1936 225 North Avenue NRHP designated
7 New Rochelle Train Station New Rochelle Metro-North station with Intermodal Center.jpg 1884 Depot Plaza NRHP designated
8 Knickerbocker Press Complex & American White Cross Building Knickerbocker Press Building, 50-52 Webster Ave., New Rochelle.JPG 1885 50–52 Webster Avenue NRHP designated
9 Leland Castle Leland Castle, New Rochelle, NY (Front View).JPG 1855 29 Castle Place NRHP designated; Part of the College of New Rochelle’s main campus
10 Trinity-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Parish House Trinity Saint Paul's Episcopal Church of New Rochelle-5.jpg 1864 38 Centre Avenue NRHP designated
11 First Presbyterian Church & Lewis Pintard House First Presbyterian Church and Lewis Pintard House, Pintard Ave. New Rochelle ,(French church).JPG 1760 50 Pintard Avenue NRHP designated
12 Wildcliff Wildcliff, 42 ,Wildcliff Rd., New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York.JPG 1855 42 Wildcliff Road NRHP designated - 2002
13 Huguenot & Allaire Family Burial Grounds (Cemetery) 1750 38 Centre Avenue 1750: earliest known tombstone; 1955: re-interment
14 Daniel Webster School 1930 95 Glenmore Drive Heritage Award Property
15 Israel Seacord House 1775 1337 North Avenue Heritage Award Property
16 St.John's Wilmot Church St. John's Wilmot Church New Rochelle September 2013.jpg 1859 11 Wilmot Road Heritage Award Property
17 Zion Baptist Church Zion Baptist Church; New Rochelle-1.jpg 1925 50 Lockwood Avenue Heritage Award Property
18 Coutant Cemetery 1776 Eastchester Road and Webster Avenue Private cemetery; Westchester County Historical Site
19 M.E. Church – Upper New Rochelle 1898 1228 North Avenue Heritage Award Property
20 Thanhouser Studios 1914 310-316 Main Street
21 Henry Barnard School 1930 129 Barnard Road
22 Thomas Paine Memorial Museum and Library 01 Paine cottage.JPG 1925 983 North Avenue Thomas Paine National Historical Association
23 Norman Rockwell House & Studio 1926 24 Lord Kitchener Road
24 New Rochelle Armory New Rochelle Armory.jpg 1932 250 Main Street
25 Carrie Chapman Catt House 1907 120 Paine Avenue
26 Brookside 1696 260 Wilmot Road Joshua Soulice House; Francis T. Hunter House
27 517 – 519 Main Street 517-519 Main Street New Rochelle-B.jpg 1925 517 - 519 Main Street
28 John Stephenson House SalesianSchool.jpg 1869 148 Main Street "Clifford"; Now part of Salesian High School
29 Mahlstedt House Huguenot Childrens Library.jpg 1869 794 North Avenue Heritage Award Property: Present day Huguenot Children's Library
30 Leonard Seacord House 1790 1074 North Avenue Heritage Award Property
31 New Rochelle High School New Rochell High School.JPG 1926 265 Clove Road
32 Quaker Ridge Station, NYW&B Railroad Quaker Ridge Train Station.jpg 1911 Kewanee Road State-determined eligible for NRHP
33 Parcot - Drake House 1751 188 Clove Road Oldest existing single family residence
34 Blue Anchor 1920 1 Byworth Road Heritage Award Property; former Claire Briggs residence
35 St.Gabriel's Catholic Church Saint Gabriel's Catholic Church, New Rochelle, NY.jpg 1893 120 Division Street
36 Standard Star Building New Rochelle PO and Standard Star.jpg 1924 251 North Avenue
37 Fort Slocum; Davids Island Historic and Archeology District Fort Slocum Road.jpg 1800 David Island in Long Island Sound, off New Rochelle State-determined Eligible for National Register designation
38 Masonic Temple Building New Rochelle Masonic Temple; Front View.jpg 1901 451-453 Main Street Heritage Award Property
39 North Avenue Presbyterian Church 1907 471 North Avenue
40 Pell-Bayley-Kemball House 1761 145 Pelham Road
41 Huguenot Yacht Club 1910 Harbor Lane Heritage Award Property; former residence of film actress Lillian Gish
42 Isaac E. Young Middle School 1929 270 Centre Avenue Heritage Award Property
43 Terrytoons 1916 38 Centre Avenue State determined eligible for National Register designation
44 New Rochelle Fire Station No.1 New Rochelle (NY) Fire Station One.jpg 1899 12 Church Street Heritage Award Property
45 Fire Station No. 2 New Rochelle (NY) Fire Station Two.jpg 1923 170 Webster Avenue Heritage Award Property
46 New Rochelle Fire Station No. 3 New Rochelle (NY) Fire Station Three.jpg 1912 756 North Avenue Heritage Award Property
47 Fire Station No. 4 New Rochelle (NY) Fire Station Four.jpg 1916 155 Drake Avenue Heritage Award Property
48 Anshe Sholom Synagogue 1903 13 Bonnefoy Place Westchester Vineyard Fellowship
49 National City Bank of New Rochelle New Rochelle National City Bank; 2015-09-14.jpg 1908 491 Main Street
50 Clarke-Berrian House 1770 1120 North Avenue
51 City Hall City of NR 800.jpg 1906 515 North Avenue Formerly New Rochelle High School and Albert Leonard Jr. High School
52 Clovelly Building Norman Rockwell Studio-1.jpg 1913 358-364 North Avenue Norman Rockwell studio
53 Lambden Building E-Lambden Building; New Rochelle.jpg 1894 530 Main Street Heritage Award Property
54 Palace Building Palace Building; New Rochelle, New York.jpg 1932 518 Main Street
55 Loew’s Theater Building Former Lowe's Theatre; New Rochelle.jpg 1926 585-599 Main Street
56 Keith Albee-Proctor’s Theatre RKO Theatre Building NR Proctor's RKO Theater-1.jpg 1927 574-590 Main Street Former RKO Movie Theater, now the site of "The Hallen School" and a school supply store.
57 573-579 Main Street 573-579 Main Street; New Rochelle.jpg 1929 Main Street
58 Sophia Brewster Schoolhouse 1825 20 Sicard Avenue Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Association
59 Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church The Church of the Blessed Sacrament (New Rochelle).jpg 1897 Centre Avenue at Shea Place
60 Union Baptist Church BaptistChurchNR.jpg 1904 428 Main Street Westchester County Inventory of Historic Places
61 St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church 1904 280 Washington Avenue
62 Oaksmere School 1879 590 Davenport Avenue
63 Leonard Seacord House 1790 1074 North Avenue
64 Dickerman Barns WardAcresStables.JPG 1906 Ward Acres, Quaker Ridge Road
65 Joseph E. Leyendecker House JCLMansionNR copy.jpg 1914 48 Mount Tom Road Former estate and studio of famed illustrator Joseph E. Leyendecker
66 New Rochelle Rowing Club 1900 Hudson Park Heritage Award Property
67 New Rochelle Carnegie Library New Rochelle Carnegie Library-2.jpg 1913 662 Main Street (Hagedorn Building)
68 Jefferson School Jefferson School NR cloudy jeh.jpg 1932 131–155 Weyman Avenue Heritage Award property
69 Lou Gehrig House 1905 9 Meadow Lane Private home located in Residence Park
70 Starin’s Glen Island Glen Island Castle.jpg 1881 Glen Island Access Road off of Pelham Road County-owned Park and Private Catering Hall; State-determined Eligible for National Register

(bridge and castle)

71 New Rochelle Trust Building Trust Building, Main St (New Rochelle, NY).jpg 1883 542 Main Street
72 Ware's Department Store (New York) 1914 550 Main Street
73 Hudson Park 1883 Hudson Park Road
74 Davenport Park 1929 Davenport Avenue

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