New Science Projects

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New Science Projects
Origin Denton, Texas, United States
Genres Blues punk
Folk Punk
Labels Gutterth Records
Members Dale Jones
Donovan Ford
Scarlett Wright
Miles DeBruin

New Science Projects is a blues punk band from Denton, Texas. They play a grungy, lo-fi styled punk rock, and are known for their wildly eclectic, often bizarre make-up and on-stage mannerisms. They have been described as an "anti-house-disco-hipster band,"[1] by the Dallas Observer in an interview after the band's release of Poison Culture; however, Jones refutes this, claiming he doesn't "want to position [himself] to run for political office at this time."[2] The band is significant member of both the local Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex music scene as well as the local punk scene. New Science Projects has toured throughout North Texas, including Mount Righteous, Innards, and The Two Knights; they frequently play at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth, Texas, where they are also set to release their album Bikini Salute in January,[3] which has been cited as "...A wild ride... like a Bob Dylan nightmare."[4] They were nominated for Best Blues Act in the Dallas Observer's 2010 award series.[5]

New Science Projects is known for their bizarre make-up, which depicts all of the band members as severely injured and bleeding. The reasoning behind this has never been answered with clarity. Dale Jones speaks on behalf of the rest of the band, and is notorious for his on-stage persona, including his thick, ambiguous, Eastern European accent, though Jones states that his stage persona is no specific character with any particular origin.[6] Jones' mannerisms seem distant and apart from the present; while he is very charismatic, much of his banter is juxtaposed, with multiple conflicting topics being spoken about at any given time, while other speeches very frequently trail off before their conclusion. When asked about his persona, Jones merely replied, "I feel like it is me. So I don't know how I'd be anything else... Unless I was pretending. Which is not a bad idea."[7]


  • Dale Jones: Acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Donovan Ford: Bass guitar, vocals
  • Scarlett Wright: Drums, vocals
  • Miles DeBruin: Guitar



  • More Vodka For Mama (2006)
  • City, City, I Won't Miss You (2006)
  • Storm Drain (2007)
  • Blood (2008)
  • Crocodile (2008)
  • Secret Tongues (2008)
  • Poison Culture (2009)
  • Bikini Salute (2011)
  • Extraordinary Renditions (2011)
  • Xmas Time (2011)
  • Split with Star Commander (2012)
  • Blind Performance Test (2013)
  • Hard On (2013)


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