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New South Wales 44 class
Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia liveried 4471 in Melbourne in November 2005
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-electric
BuilderAE Goodwin, Auburn
Serial numberAlco 82807 to 82912
Alco 83731 to 83750
Alco G-3421-01 to G-3421-40
ModelAlco DL-500B
Build date1957-1967
Total produced100
 • UICCo-Co
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Wheel diameter40 in (1,016 mm)
LengthOver headstocks:
55 ft 5 in (16.89 m),
Over coupler pulling faces:
58 ft 5 in (17.81 m)
Width9 ft 4 in (2.84 m)
HeightMax: 13 ft 10 in (4.22 m)
Axle loadFirst 60, GE t/m:
18 long tons 14 cwt (41,900 lb or 19 t),
First 60, AEI t/m:
17 long tons 14 cwt (39,600 lb or 18 t),
Last 40:
18 long tons 8 cwt (41,200 lb or 18.7 t)
Loco weightFirst 60, GE t/m: 112 long tons 1 cwt (251,000 lb or 113.8 t),
First 60, AEI t/m: 106 long tons 3 cwt (237,800 lb or 107.9 t),
Last 40: 110 long tons 3 cwt (246,700 lb or 111.9 t)
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel capacity1,200 imp gal (5,500 l; 1,400 US gal)
Lubricant cap.170 imp gal (770 l; 200 US gal)
Coolant cap.220 imp gal (1,000 l; 260 US gal)
Sandbox cap.16 cu ft (0.45 m3)
Prime moverAlco 251B
RPM range400-1000
Engine typeFour-stroke diesel
GeneratorFirst 60:General Electric 5GT581
Last 40 Associated Electrical Industries 5302
Traction motorsFirst 60: GE 731 or AEI 253 AZ or AEI 254 AZ,
Last 40: AEI 254 BY
Cylinder size9 in × 10.5 in (229 mm × 267 mm)
Performance figures
Maximum speedFirst 60, GE t/m:
80 mph (129 km/h),
First 60, AEI t/m:
75 mph (121 km/h),
Last 40:
80 mph (129 km/h)
Power outputGross: 1,950 hp (1,450 kW),
For traction:
1,800 hp (1,340 kW)
Tractive effortContinuous: First 60, GE t/m: 47,100 lbf (209.51 kN)
at 11.5 mph (18.5 km/h),
First 60, AEI t/m:
40,500 lbf (180.15 kN)
at 13.7 mph (22.0 km/h),
Last 40: 44,000 lbf (195.72 kN)
at 12.9 mph (20.8 km/h)
OperatorsNew South Wales Government Railways
Number in class100
First run8 July 1957
Preserved4401, 4403, 4420, 4464, 4465, 4468, 4472, 4473, 4486, 4490
Disposition10 preserved, 7 stored, 2 operational, 81 scrapped

The 44 class are a class of diesel-electric locomotives built by AE Goodwin, Auburn for the New South Wales Government Railways between 1957 and 1967.


Preserved 4403 at Goulburn in March 2012
4465 and 4472 at Broadmeadow Locomotive Depot in 1990
4479 and a 45 class haul a freight train at Fairy Hill, north of Casino in 1987

The 44 class were built by Alco's Australian licensee AE Goodwin, and are based on the Alco DL500B model. The locomotives are fitted with Alco 12-251B engines, developing 1343 kW. They were built in two batches, the first 60 between July 1957 and April 1961 and the second 40 between October 1965 and December 1967. The last 40 had Associated Electrical Industries as opposed to General Electric generators and traction motors as well as illuminated segregated number boxes at the No.2 end.

During their career these locomotives have served every part of New South Wales and operated every type of train. They are very similar to the South Australian Railways 930 class.

With driving cabs within both ends, the front (No.1 end) of the locomotive had a rounded nose (however not as round as the Clyde/GM "Bulldog nose" type) and a flat nose at the No.2 end.

Withdrawals started in the late 1980s of some earlier examples in need of rewiring, however many survived into the 1990s with the last being withdrawn in July 1997. The State Rail Authority still had over forty on its books that were auctioned in December 1994.[1]

While most were scrapped, a number saw service with other freight operators. Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia, Great Northern Rail Services, Independent Rail of Australia, Silverton Rail and Southern Shorthaul Railroad all operated 44s with most ending up with Qube Logistics until their withdrawal in 2014.

A number of preserved examples are main line registered and as well as operating heritage trains, periodically operate services for other operators.[2][3]

Three are on Transport Heritage NSW's Heritage and Conservation Register list. 4401 was in the custody of 3801 Limited and 4403 with the Australian Railway Historical Society, Canberra until 2017. 4401 is now in the custody of the Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum and 4403 and 4490 with the NSW Rail Museum.[4]

Fleet status[edit]

Locomotive Serial No Completed Current Owner Livery Status
4401 82807 Jul 57 Transport Heritage NSW Indian red Preserved, stored, Junee
4403 82809 Nov 57 Transport Heritage NSW Indian red Preserved, operational, Thirlmere
4420 82892 Sep 58 Dorrigo Steam Railway & Museum Red terror Stored
4458 83748 Feb 61 Qube Logistics Silver Operational, Junee
4461 G-3421-01 Oct 65 Qube Logistics Red terror Stored, Goulburn
4463 G-3421-03 Dec 65 Qube Logistics Red terror Stored, Goulburn
4464 G-3421-04 Jan 66 Lachlan Alco Locomotive Group Indian red Preserved, operational
4465 G-3421-05 Feb 66 John Currey Candy Stored
4468 G-3421-08 May 66 Canberra Railway Museum Tuscan Under restoration
4471 G-3421-11 Aug 66 Qube Logistics CFCLA Stored, Goulburn
4472 G-3421-12 Aug 66 Hunter Valley Railway Trust Silver & Yellow Stored
4473 G-3421-13 Sep 66 Lachlan Alco Locomotive Group Indian red Preserved, operational
4477 G-3421-17 Dec 66 Qube Logistics CFCLA Recommissioned with QUBE, Goulburn
4483 G-3421-23 Apr 67 Qube Logistics Southern Shorthaul Rail yellow Stored, Minto
4486 G-3421-26 May 67 Lachlan Alco Locomotive Group Indian red Preserved, operational
4488 G-3421-28 Jul 67 Qube Logistics Silver Recommissioned with QUBE, Minto.
4490 G-3421-30 Jul 67 Transport Heritage NSW Indian red Preserved, operational, Thirlmere
4497 G-3421-37 Oct 67 Qube Logistics Silver Recommissioned with QUBE, Junee.
4498 G-3421-38 Nov 67 Qube Logistics Red terror Stored, Goulburn Movement of locomotive 4498 between James Siding & Goulburn] Australian Rail Track Corporation 1 March 2016</ref>


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Further reading[edit]

  • New South Wales Rail System Locomotives. Sydney: Archives Section, State Rail Authority of New South Wales. 1984.

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