Country New South Wales rugby league team

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Governing body Country Rugby League
Head coach Craig Fitzgibbon
Captain James Maloney
First game
City colours.svg City 29–8 Country Country colours.svg
(10 June 1911)
First City vs Country Origin
City colours.svg City Origin 30–22 Country Origin Country colours.svg

The Country New South Wales rugby league team is a representative rugby league football team consisting of professional players who originated from clubs of the Country Rugby League, one of two federations in the state of New South Wales. Country annually play in the City vs Country Origin competition against the City New South Wales rugby league team, which is made up of players originating from Sydney.

CRL Team of the Century[edit]

In 2008, the centenary year of rugby league in Australia, the Country Rugby League named its "Team of the Century":[1]

No. Position Player
1 Australia FB Clive Churchill
2 Australia WG Brian Carlson
3 Australia CE Michael Cronin
4 Australia CE Graeme Langlands
5 Australia WG Eddie Lumsden
6 Australia FE Bob Fulton
7 Australia HB Andrew Johns
8 Australia PR Steve Roach
9 Australia HK Ian Walsh
No. Position Player
10 Australia PR Glenn Lazarus
11 Australia SR Herb Narvo
12 Australia SR Bradley Clyde
13 Australia LK Wally Prigg

2016 Country NSW squad[edit]

Country NSW rugby league team
2016 squad Coaching staff

Head coach

Assistant coach

  • N/A

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain

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