New South Wales Tulloch double deck carriage stock

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New South Wales Sputnik suburban carriage stock
T4873 at Sydenham station in July 2003
In service1964-2004
ManufacturerTulloch Limited
Built atRhodes
Number built120
Formation4 carriages M-T-T-M
Fleet numbersT4801-T4920
Capacity132 seated
Operator(s)New South Wales Government Railways
Public Transport Commission
State Rail Authority
Line(s) servedAll Sydney suburban
Car body constructiondouble deck design
Car length19.46 metres 63' 10" length over body
Width3.05 metres 10' width ove body
Height4.38 metres 14' 4 1/2"
Doors4x2 slide 5'6" width
Maximum speed112km/h
Weight32.15 tonnes
Electric system(s)32 vdc (manual door operation) 120vdc (power door operation)
AAR wheel arrangement37" 940mm diameter
BogiesTR type
Braking system(s)Clasp type
Multiple workingEMU type
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The New South Wales Tulloch double deck carriage stock were a type of electric multiple unit carriage operated by the New South Wales Government Railways and its successors between 1964 and 2004.


In February 1964, the first of 120 double deck trailers was delivered by Tulloch Limited to the New South Wales Government Railways. These were purchased to replace wooden carriage stock from Sydney's suburban fleet. The first 40 were built with power operated doors to operate with the Sputnik power cars, the remaining 80 were fitted with manually operated doors for operation with the Suburban and Tulloch stock.[1]

To operate with the four experimental double deck power cars, in 1968 a further two were converted for powered door operation. Further carriages were converted to power door operation in 1972/73 to operate with the Series 1 S set carriages (C3805-C3857). After the conversions were completed, T4801-T4833 formed part of the Sputnik sets, T4839-T4895 were part of the S sets and T4834-T4838 and T4896-T4920 were operated in manual door form with Suburban and Tulloch stock.[1][2] At least one of the experimental power cars was converted to a trailer car.

Originally painted Indian red, from 1973 they were repainted in the Public Transport Commission blue and white livery before the livery reverted to indian red in 1976. In order to create a consistent with the stainless steel carriages they operated with, T4852 and T4867 were repainted in an experimental silver livery. After a three-year lapse, T4872 was repainted flake grey and this was gradually rolled out to those carriages in S sets with the last completed in June 1993.[3] The interiors were painted in two-tone green.[1]

Those operating in single deck sets were withdrawn in the early 1990s, while those in S sets remained in service until March 2004.[4][5] Over 15 carriages remain in existence, some of those are T4916, the only surviving manual door double deck trailer. T4801,T4814,T4816,T4820,T4828,T4830, which were used in power door single deck sets. As well as T4840,T4844,T4857,T4864,T4874,T4881,T4799, which were used in S sets. T4801 and T4814 are preserved by Historic Electric Traction and are operational in the consist of W3.


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