New Statesmen

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New Statesmen
Publication information
Publisher Crisis
Publication date 1988 - 1989
No. of issues 15
Creative team
Written by John Smith

Jim Baikie Sean Philips

Duncan Fegredo
Collected editions
New Statesmen ISBN 1-85386-217-7

New Statesmen was a "political superhero series" [1] featured in British comic Crisis, created by John Smith and Jim Baikie, which lasted for fourteen episodes from 1988 to 1989.

Publications history[edit]

Sean Philips and Duncan Fegredo were brought in to cover for Jim Baikie on issues five, thirteen and fourteen and issues seven and eight, respectively.

New Statesmen, was the story which, along with Third World War, launched 2000 AD's sister comic Crisis.

The series was published in Crisis from issue #1–14 with a reappearance in issue #28. It was also repackaged for the American market as a five-issue prestige format limited series released in 1989. This had been part of the business plan for Crisis from the start but only the early series, like New Statesmen, got this treatment.[2] In 1990 the story was collected into a trade paperback.


Set in America in 2047, the series told the story of a number of genetically modified "optimen", created with superhuman 'hard' and 'soft' talents, who were essentially biological weapons. Similar to contemporary comics such as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, series asked what 'superheroes' would be like if they were far more human than traditional heroes. The series depicted a dystopian future in which Britain had become the 51st state of America and the world is in the grip of fear of genetic engineering and political warmongering.


Collected editions[edit]

It was collected into a trade paperback: