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The tower of Leipzig's New Town Hall is the tallest city hall tower in Germany.
Burgplatz, former area of Pleissenburg

Leipzig New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) is the seat of the Leipzig city administration since 1905. It stands within the Leipzig's "ring road" on the southwest corner opposite the city library at Martin-Luther-Ring. The main tower is, at 114.8 meters, the tallest city hall tower in Germany.


In 1895 the city of Leipzig was granted the site of the Pleissenburg by the Kingdom of Saxony to build a new town hall. A competition was held for architectural designs with the specification that the Rapunzel tower silhouette of the Pleißenburg be retained. In 1897 the architect and city building director of Leipzig Hugo Licht was awarded the job of designing it.

The foundation stone of the New Town Hall was laid on 19 October 1899. The town hall was built in the style of historicism.

The hall is notable as the location of numerous mass suicides during the final days of the Third Reich.[1]


The town hall features as a backdrop in the Alfred Hitchcock film Torn Curtain.



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