New Town High School (Tasmania)

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New Town High School
New Town High School (Tasmania) logo.png
New Town, Tasmania
Coordinates 42°51′04″S 147°18′08″E / 42.85111°S 147.30222°E / -42.85111; 147.30222
School type Public High School (lads only)
Motto "We build for the Future"
Established 1919 (as Hobart Junior Technical College)
Principal Mr David Kilpatrick
Years offered 7–10
Enrolment 780 [1]
Colour(s) Blue, Yellow         

New Town High School (formerly Hobart Junior Technical College 1919–1949; Hobart Technical High School 1950–1961), is a Tasmanian Government secondary school for boys. It is located in Hobart, Tasmania. It is the only public all-boys school in the state, the only other public single-sex school being Ogilvie High School for girls. Its 2006 enrolment was approximately 830 students covering years seven to ten. The school has a specialist music program, challenging programs and up to date facilities in technology, design and the arts, a contemporary program in foods and catering, a vibrant languages other than English program and an excellent Health and Physical Education Department. These aspects complement a demanding academic program in the core learning areas of mathematics, English, science, and SOHI (Society and History).

Teaching Roles[edit]

The teaching roles include one Principal, three Assistant Principals (one each for Grades 8, 9 and 10; all three help with Grade 7), eight Grade Supervisors (two for each Grade), multiple Teachers Assistants (for help with learning-impaired students), and multiple Other Staff including Heads of Departments and Relief Teachers.


  • Mr Jason Szczerbanik (2015–present)
  • Mr Sandy Menadue (2013-2015)[2][3]
  • Mr Darryl Moir (2007–2012)[4]
  • Mr Ian Morgan (2000–2006)[4]
  • Mr P Storr (1992–1999)[4]
  • Mr A Wilson (1991 (Acting))[4]
  • Mr Maurice Wenn (1989–1990)[4]
  • Mr David J. Dilger (1975–1988)[4]
  • Mr B J McShane (1973–1975)[4]
  • Mr D P Mahoney (1966–1972)[4]
  • Mr. Tim Jacobs (1962–1965)[4]
  • Mr Frank O Close (1947–1962)[4] (as Hobart Junior Technical College Headmaster, 1947–1949; Hobart Technical High School Headmaster, 1950–1961)
  • Mr Robert Hudspeth (1919–1946)[4] (as Hobart Junior Technical College Headmaster)


New Town High has 4 houses; Dechaineux, Ellis, Hunter and Jarvis, which all compete against each other to win the Cosgrove Shield (for Sporting Achievement), the David Close Shield (for Academic Achievement) and the Making a Difference Shield (for Sustainability). There are 2 home groups per house, per grade.

New Town High School Houses
House Name Colour Mascot
Dechaineux Blue Warship
Ellis Red Eagle
Hunter Green Warrior
Jarvis Yellow Jaguar

Cosgrove Shield[edit]

The Cosgrove is named after Sir Robert Cosgrove, who laid the foundation for the current facilities at Midwood Street. The shield is the most prestigious prize awarded to the houses. Each house is allotted points (4 for first; 1 for last) for each of the four sporting carnivals (Swimming, Winter House Sports, Cross Country and Athletics), with the house with the highest number of points winning the shield for that year.

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