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Wam Entertainment
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Key people
Walid Al Massih (Founder)
  • Music
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Wam Entertainment is a Lebanon-based pan-Arab recorded music company, production company and artist management company formed in 2007 by Lebanese musician and producer Walid Al Massih.


The company, which eventually evolved into Wam, was founded in 2007 as MGN Studios by Walid Al Massih and two partners through a joint venture. At the time, the company was based in a simple home studio that catered to miniature music productions.

In 2008, one of the partners decided to leave the company, and the company was officially renamed as Wam Entertainment. After many other problems with the third partner, Walid Al Massih was left to run the company alone. The company, now run wholly by Walid Al Massih, was expanded to enter the mainstream Middle Eastern market through the creation of the company's first proper hit in Ragheb Alama's hit song "Yighib". Walid Al Massih would go on to use his nightlife connections to produce music for some of the most well known artists in the region, such as Adam, Nawal el Zoghbi, Ayman Zbib, Ziad Borji, Maya Nehme, Myriam Atallah, Adam and Myriam Fares.

In 2009, the company entered the English music market with projects for local Metal band Blaakyum, local Pop artist Belime, and Iraqi international group UTN1. By 2010, the company had created a visible fan base and a powerful financial backing and the company expanded into Video production.

Main divisions[edit]

The following are the main operating divisions of New Wave Productions.

  • Arabic Division
  • English Division
  • Music Composition for ads and movies
  • Events
  • Clubs and nightclubs management
  • Artists management
  • Audio branding

Additional labels under each division are currently operational.

List of artists produced by New Wave Productions[edit]

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