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Not to be confused with News Weekly.
NW Sep 2013 cover.jpg
Cover from September 2013 featuring Kim Kardashian
Editor Zoë Barnes
Categories Women's magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 200,000
Publisher Bauer Media Pty Ltd
Year founded 1993
Company Bauer Media Group
Country Australia
Based in Sydney
Language English
Website nwonline.com.au

NW (formerly 'New Weekly) is a weekly magazine (typically 110 pages) published in Australia by Bauer Media Group.[1] It contains articles about media celebrities, Hollywood gossip, clothing, makeup, dieting, and entertainment.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was started in 1993 under the title New Weekly by then Australian Consolidated Press executive Richard Walsh, with a renaming to NW in 1998. The magazine is headquartered in Sydney.[1] The publisher is Bauer Media Pty Ltd.[1] Circulation is currently around 200,000.[2] The current editor is Zoë Barnes.

NW won the Australian Magazine of the Year Award in 2006.[3][4]


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