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New Wine Trust
New Wine.jpg
Founded 1989
Founder The Rt Rev David Pytches
Type New Wine Trust is a registered charity no. 1084415 and a company limited by guarantee, governed by a memorandum and articles of association.
Origins St Andrew's Church, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire
Area served
Method Summer conferences, Leadership and Network events, and Overseas activities
A large number of churches world wide
Key people
Rev John Coles (Chairman & Director)
Rev Paul Harcourt (Director designate)
Rev Mark & Lindsay Melluish
Ian & Nadine Parkinson
Phil George (Operations Director)
Subsidiaries New Wine Resources Limited
Increase £ 4,009,112 (2014)[1]
5000 (during the summer conference)

New Wine is a family of churches which operates in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1989 as a Christian festival run by Anglican clergy David Pytches and Barry Kissell, who were influenced by the teaching of charismatic pastor John Wimber.[2]


David Pytches was consecrated Bishop of the then diocese of Chile, Bolivia, and Peru in 1972. While in South America, he witnessed what he termed a 'spontaneous expansion' of the church. Pytches was keen to see this replicated in the UK and while vicar of St. Andrew's, Chorleywood in the 1980s, he invited John Wimber to his church. Wimber was founder of the Vineyard Church in the United States. Inspired by Wimber and by what he had witnessed in South America, Pytches came to believe that ordinary Christians can minister to others using the scriptural Gifts of the Spirit.

While in the UK, Wimber held a number of conferences resulting in considerable interest in the charismatic movement from churches nationwide. Soon afterwards, Pytches became the leader of New Wine. Unlike John and Eleanor Mumford, who planted the first Vineyard Church in the UK, Pytches chose to establish the values of the Vineyard Church in other church settings.

The name 'New Wine' was chosen as an appropriate biblical description of the ‘new life’ offered to people who were open to the 'Gifts of the Spirit'.

Summer conferences[edit]

The first New Wine Christian Conference was held in 1989 at the Royal Bath and West Showground, Somerset and attracted nearly 2,500 people. In 1993 a separate conference for teenagers was launched under the leadership of Mike Pilavachi, then a youth worker at St Andrew's. The youth conference was named Soul Survivor. New Wine now attracts around 24,000 delegates over two weeks and Soul Survivor attracts over 35,000 young people over three weeks.

There are also a number of New Wine conferences held around the UK and abroad each year.[3]

Over the years, New Wine has attracted many well known speakers, including Baroness Caroline Cox, Jackie Pullinger, Danielle Strickland, Christy Wimber, J.John, Heidi Baker, Francis Chan, Ken Costa and Brother Yun. The list of worship leaders who have led worship at New Wine includes Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brian Doerksen, Kathryn Scott and David Ruis.[4]

The first New Wine North and East conference was held at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate in 2005 with 3,500 delegates attending. In subsequent years, the event was moved to Newark Showground in Newark-on-Trent. In 2013 it was held for the last time as New Wine decided to concentrate on the event in Somerset. In 2014 the area distinctions of North and East, Central and South West and London and South East were dropped in favour of 2 separate New Wine United conference weeks in Somerset not linked to specific areas of the UK. In 2014, Mark Bailey took over briefly as Director of New Wine from John Coles. In 2016, Paul Harcourt became the new Director of New Wine.

Leaders in Training[edit]

New Wine works with almost all the training institutions in the Church of England to ensure that every person training for ministry in that Church has access to practical training in healing, prayer ministry, prophecy, evangelism and visionary leadership.


New Wine has released a number of worship music CDs. From 2009 to 2012 they have recorded studio albums before the Summer Conferences, as opposed to releasing albums with worship recorded from the Summer Conferences later that year. In 2013 the 'live worship' music CD was recorded at the conference with a separate album for the 'North' and 'South' conferences (previously, these were double CDs with worship from both locations). In 2014 and 2015, the live worship albums were recorded at other New Wine events during the year to be available for purchase at the main Summer events.

  • Simple Pursuit (2016)
  • Wildfire (2015)
  • Spirit Fall (2014)
  • Deeper (2013)
  • My Heart Will Ever Sing (2012)
  • Only One Name (2011)
  • Glory to You (2010)
  • Saving Grace (2009)
  • Kingdom Come (2008)
  • Cry Freedom (2007)
  • Heavenbound (2006)
  • Hope (2005)
  • Echoes in Eternity (2004)
  • In Pursuit of God (2003)
  • Journey in Faith (2002)
  • Grace (2001)

Prior to 2001, the albums were given volume numbers (eg, New Wine Worship: Volume 7).

International work[edit]

The Summer Conferences at Shepton Mallet have spawned a number of related conferences around the world. In addition to New Wine North & East in Newark, there are separate events in Scotland (Clan Gathering), Wales, Jersey, Guernsey, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

See also[edit]

  • Soul Survivor - a similar event, aimed at youth, which also originated from St. Andrews, Chorleywood.
  • Trinity Cheltenham - Hosts for New Wine, Central and South West


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