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New World Disorder is the name given to a series of popular[citation needed] freeride mountain-biking movies produced by Freeride Entertainment. The series has filmed several movies; the first of which, New World Disorder I released in late 2000 was a great success[citation needed], and it proved itself to be one of the most progressive productions in Mountain bike filmmaking[citation needed]. After New World Disorder I, the group tried to top their previous effort.


Cover Title Original release date #
New World Disorder October 2000 1
The first of the New World Disorder series which stopped at the 10th film. The movie was one of only a few[citation needed] documenting the mountain bike disciplines of free riding, trails and downhill.
New World Disorder II - Fat Tire Fury October 2001 2
The second part of the New World Disorder series, Fat Tire Fury, features most of the same riders as before. This includes: the fourwheel mountain bikers, Trevair going huge and Stacy Kohut ripping A-Line, the North Shore riding unicyclist, Kris Holm, Josh Bender and the Jah Drop, and Anne-Caroline Chausson, World Cup vets Cedric Gracia and Nicolas Vouilloz, John Cowan and Timo Pritzel, and Jeff Lenosky's urban segment, which takes place in and around NYC.
New World Disorder III - Freewheel Burning October 2002 3
The third part of the New World Disorder series, Freewheel Burning, features Wade Simmons huge gap on a Monster T equipped RM7, Timo Pritzel and John Cowan at Hell Track 2. Robbie Bourdon almost plummeting to his death at Red Bull Rampage 3.
New World Disorder IV - Ride The Lightning October 2003 4
New World Disorder V - Disorderly Conduct October 2004 5
New World Disorder 5 features the world's best freeriders[citation needed] in environments such as Monster Park, Virginia, Whistler Bike Park, the North Shore, Vancouver Island, Kamloops, Nelson, and Alaska, New Zealand, Utah, Australia, Europe, and many others. Riders include Grant Allen, Paul Basagoitia, Darren Berrecloth, Robbie Bourdon, Aaron Chase, John Cowan, Gareth Dyer, Carlin Dunne, Matt Hunter, Cedric Gracia, Jeff Lenosky, Wayne Goss, Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Kyle Strait, Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, Joe Schwartz, Thomas Vanderham, Kirt Voeis, Dave Watson, and Cameron Zink.
New World Disorder VI - Unchained October 2005 6
New World Disorder 6 features many new riding spots including an unusually long and technical northshore trail, riding in Bolivia, Crankworx amongst a host of other exotic spots. Another feature of the NWD series is the soundtrack, featuring well known artists like Public Enemy, Anthrax, Megadeath, Sweatshop Union and Swollen Members. The trick repertoire once again increases with new tricks like a 720 and a no foot cancan drop.
New World Disorder VII - Flying High Again November 1, 2006 7
New World Disorder 7 features the best freeriders[citation needed] from all around the world, in places like Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Utah and some of the biggest built doubles and drops. Featured riders include Kyle Strait Cameron McCaul, Darren Bearcloth, Paul Basagotia, Cameron Zink, Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy and many others. The film has backflip tailwhips and perfect 720 spins, double tailwhips, front flips and the first backflip 360. Special features including Ben Boyko, Gregg Watts, Geoff Gulley etc.
New World Disorder VIII - Smack Down November 1, 2007 8
Shot on location in Argentina, Israel, Europe, US and B.C.

Bonus second disc: Have You Seen It - Oakley FilmsΆ.

New World Disorder IX - Never Enough October 2008 9
New World Disorder X - Dust and Bones 2009 10

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