New World in the Morning

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New World in the Morning
Studio album by Roger Whittaker
Released 1971
Genre Folk
Label EMI
Roger Whittaker chronology
New World in the Morning
For My Friends...

New World in the Morning is a studio album by Roger Whittaker released in 1971. It featured some of his most popular songs including "The Last Farewell", "A Special Kind of Man", the title track "New World in the Morning" and "Streets of London".[1]


Whittaker released the album in 1971 at the peak of his popularity. It included the hit "The Last Farewell", which won Whittaker an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting. The album itself has never been released on CD and current digital versions of the album's most popular songs have been re-recordings done by Roger Whittaker in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the US and Canada, most of these songs appeared on Whittaker's 1971 album A Special Kind of Man, which was released on RCA Records. Included on the North American release were the songs "Why?", "What Love Is" and "Mexican Whistler", while "New World in the Morning", "From Both Sides Now" and "Streets of London" were omitted.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Candy Cloud"
  2. "A Special Kind of Man"
  3. "No Blade of Grass"
  4. "Moonshine"
  5. "Morning Please Don't Come"
  6. "New World in the Morning"
  7. "My Kind"
  8. "The Last Farewell"
  9. "From Both Sides Now"
  10. "Paradise"
  11. "Streets of London"
  12. "He Starts Below"


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