New Year Island (Northern Territory)

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New Year Island
LANDSAT New Year Island NT.png
LANDSAT true color image of
New Year Island Group, Northern Territory, Australia
New Year Island is located in Northern Territory
New Year Island
New Year Island
LocationArafura Sea
Coordinates10°54′29″S 133°01′52″E / 10.908°S 133.031°E / -10.908; 133.031Coordinates: 10°54′29″S 133°01′52″E / 10.908°S 133.031°E / -10.908; 133.031
StateNorthern Territory
RegionTop End

New Year Island is an low-lying, uninhabited island in the Arafura Sea. It is part of the Northern Territory of Australia, and is 294 km north-east of Darwin, and 50 km east of Croker Island. It is approximately 2 km long, and 800 metres wide.[1]

Like all islands in the Croker Group, New Year Island is Aboriginal freehold land, held by the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust.[2]

New Year Island is noteworthy in that a small rock 60 metres to its north is the northernmost land in the Northern Territory.[3]

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