New York Attorney General election, 2018

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New York Attorney General election, 2018

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Nominee Letitia James Keith Wofford
Party Democratic Republican

Incumbent Attorney General

Barbara Underwood

The 2018 New York Attorney General election will take place on November 6, 2018. The New York primary election for state and local candidates took place on September 13, 2018.[1]

Former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned on May 8, 2018 after allegations of domestic abuse and withdrew from his then-ongoing reelection campaign. Incumbent Attorney General Barbara Underwood was chosen by the Legislature to complete his unexpired term, but was not seeking election to a full term.

Four Democrats were running for Attorney General in 2018. They are Leecia Eve, former senior policy advisor to U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton; party nominee Letitia James, New York City Public Advocate; Sean Patrick Maloney, U.S. Representative for New York's 18th congressional district; and Zephyr Teachout, professor at Fordham University School of Law. The Republican Party has nominated Manhattan bankruptcy attorney Keith Wofford. At the primary elections on September 13, 2018 former New York City Public Advocate Letitia James won the nomination.


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, was first elected to the office of Attorney General in 2010, winning reelection in 2014. He was in the midst of campaigning for a third term in office when on May 7, 2018, The New Yorker revealed allegations that he had physically abused several women he had dated during his tenure in office. Schneiderman resigned hours after the story was released, with the resignation taking effect at the end of the business day May 8; he concurrently ended his bid for reelection.

Barbara Underwood, the Solicitor General, took on the duties of Attorney General upon Schneiderman's resignation. A joint session of the New York State Legislature formally appointed Underwood to fill the rest of Schneiderman's term on May 22, after interviewing several potential candidates; of the 209 members in the State Legislature, 190 votes were cast in favor, with one (Charles Barron) voting against her in protest of the process, and 18 abstaining.[2] Underwood has confirmed that she will not run for the office in the 2018 elections.[3]

Democratic primary[edit]



The following candidates were certified by the State Board of Elections as having filed for the primary ballot (James by state convention nomination and the others by submitting sufficient signatures):[4]




Letitia James
Local and state politicians
U.S. Representatives
Sean Patrick Maloney
U.S. Representatives
Zephyr Teachout
Local and state politicians
U.S. Representatives
U.S. Senators
U.S. Cabinet


Poll source Date(s)
Margin of
Sean Patrick
Other Undecided
Change Research (D) September 11–12, 2018 844 ± 3.5% 3% 27% 26% 28% 16%
Siena College September 4–7, 2018 509 ± 4.3% 3% 24% 25% 18% 1% 30%
Siena College July 22–26, 2018 630 ± 3.9% 4% 25% 16% 13% 42%
Quinnipiac University July 12–16, 2018 415 ± 6.2% 3% 26% 15% 12% 44%


Democratic primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Letitia James 579,382 40.6
Democratic Zephyr Teachout 442,733 31.0
Democratic Sean Patrick Maloney 357,665 25.0
Democratic Leecia Eve 48,638 3.4
Total votes 1,428,418 100.0

Republican primary[edit]



  • Keith Wofford, co-managing partner of Ropes & Gray's New York City office[38] (designated party nominee)[39]


  • Manny Alicandro, corporate attorney from Manhattan[40] (ended Attorney General campaign in May 2018 to run for Comptroller)[41]
  • Joe Holland, former Commissioner of the New York Department of Housing and Community Renewal (defeated for Republican nomination; endorsed Republican nominee Keith Wofford)[42]


Qualified third parties[edit]


Conservative Party of New York State chairman Michael R. Long indicated the party would cross-endorse the Republican nominee for Attorney General.[38]

  • Nominee: Keith Wofford

Working Families[edit]

Nominee: Kenneth Schaefer, dummy candidate.[44] The party endorsed both Letitia James and Zephyr Teachout prior to the September 13 primary election. Schaefer will most likely step aside in favor of the eventual Democratic nominee.

Independence Party[edit]

Nominee: Victor J. Messina, Jr.

Green Party[edit]

Nominee: Michael Sussman


On May 20, 2018, the Reform Party of New York State authorized four candidates to run for Attorney General in its September 13, 2018 primary: Preet Bharara (who declined),[45] Michael Diederich, Jr., Christopher B. Garvey, and Nancy Sliwa.[46]


Reform primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Reform Nancy Sliwa 13,643 53.3
Reform Michael Diederich, Jr. 6,005 23.5
Reform Christopher B. Garvey 5,949 23.2
Total votes 25,597 100.0

Other third parties[edit]


  • Christopher B. Garvey, [47]

General election[edit]


New York Attorney General election, 2018
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Letitia James
Conservative (N.Y.) Keith Wofford
Republican Keith Wofford
Total Keith Wofford
Green Michael Sussman
Independence Vincent Messina
Libertarian Chris Garvey
Reform Nancy Sliwa
Working Families Kenny Schafer
Total votes


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