New York City (Emigrate song)

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"New York City"
New york city final.jpg
Single by Emigrate
from the album Emigrate
A-side New York City
B-side Blood, My World
Released October 12, 2007
Genre Industrial rock
Alternative metal
Length 3.42
Label Motor Music
Writer(s) Richard Z. Kruspe
Emigrate singles chronology
"My World"
"New York City"

"New York City" is the first single by the musical group Emigrate. The promo version of the single has an alternative cover. The gas mask has a burning building instead of a woman reflected in lenses. It has been considered the band's most successful song, so far. Richard, in the music video, can be seen walking through New York City and sitting down and singing. The song has been credited by many as a phenomenon, as Richard Z. Kruspe does not show his guitar skills, like he does with Rammstein, but now sings as the main vocalist and does what Till Lindemann states as "[An] incredible job at singing and makes the song perfect in every way, who would have known my fellow German guitarist would now be singing in great American dialect, I'm very proud of Rick".

Track listing (CD Single)[edit]

  1. New York City [Single Edit] 3:26
  2. Blood 3:34
  3. My World 4:17
  4. New York City [Eat Your Heart Out Remix by Alec Empire] 3:49
  5. My World ["Resident Evil: Extinction" Video] 4:21

Track listing (7" Vinyl Single)[edit]

  1. New York City [Eat Your Heart Out Remix by Alec Empire] 3:49
  2. My World 4:17

Track listing (Promo)[edit]

  1. New York City [Single Edit] 3:26
  2. New York City [Eat Your Heart Out Remix by Alec Empire] 3:49

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format
Austria October 12, 2007 Digital single
United Kingdom October 15, 2007[1] Physical single


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