New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
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Health Building 125 Worth Street.jpg
125 Worth Street in 2013
Department overview
Jurisdiction New York City
Headquarters 42-09 28th St, Long Island City, NY
Department executive
Key document
2 Gotham Center in Long Island City, home to the DOHMH

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) is the department of the government of New York City[1] responsible for public health along with issuing birth certificates, dog licenses, and conducting restaurant inspection and enforcement. The New York City Board of Health is part of the department.[2][3] Its regulations are compiled in title 24 of the New York City Rules (the New York City Health Code). The current commissioner is Dr. Mary Bassett, MD, MPH.


The department was initially set up as the New York City Board of Health, which held its first meeting in 1805 to combat an outbreak of yellow fever. In 1866, the New York State legislature enacted a bill establishing the Metropolitan Board of Health, consisting of the four Police Commissioners, four Health Commissioners appointed by the Governor, and the Health Officer for the Port of New York. In 1870 the legislature replaced the Board of Health with the Department of Health, with additional responsibilities including street cleaning and sanitary permits.[4]

As of December 1894, Charles G. Wilson was serving as President of the Board of Health.[5]

As a result of its consolidation with the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Alcoholism Services, it was renamed the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on July 29, 2002.[6]


  • New York City Board of Health
  • Commissioner of Health
    • General Counsel
    • Chief Medical Examiner
    • Executive Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer
      • Deputy Commissioner for Mental Hygiene
        • Alcohol and Drug Treatment
        • Child and Adolescent Services
        • Mental Health
        • Developmental Disabilities
        • Systems Strengthening and Access
      • Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control
        • Communicable Diseases
        • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control
        • Immunization
        • Public Health Laboratory
        • STI Prevention and Control
        • Tuberculosis Control
      • Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Health
        • Environmental Disease Prevention
        • Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response
        • Environmental Sciences and Engineering
        • Environmental Surveillance and Policy
        • Food Safety and Community Sanitation
        • Poison Control Center
        • Veterinary and Pest Control
      • Deputy Commissioner for Epidemiology
        • Epidemiology Services
        • Vital Statistics
        • Public Health Training
        • World Trade Center Health Registry
      • Deputy Commissioner for Health Care Access and Improvement
        • Correctional Health Services
        • Primary Care Access and Planning
        • Primary Care Information Project
        • Information Technology Initiatives
      • Deputy Commissioner for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
        • Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control
        • District Public Health Offices
        • Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health
        • School Health
      • Deputy Commissioner for Administration
      • Deputy Commissioner for Finance
      • Deputy Commissioner and Chief Information Officer
      • Deputy Commissioner for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Board of Health[edit]

The New York City Board of Health is part of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and consists of the commissioner of the department, the chairperson of the department's Mental Hygiene Advisory Board, and nine other members appointed by the mayor.[3]

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