New York City Department of Probation

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Department of Probation
NYC Probation patch.jpg
Probation Department patch
Department overview
Jurisdiction New York City
Department executive
  • , Director of Probation
Key document

The New York City Department of Probation is a NYC agency that investigate and supervise defendants who have not yet been sentenced to a term of incarceration by a New York state court judge.[1][2] In addition, Probation officers are responsible for preparing background reports that assist the court in determining appropriate sentences for adult and juvenile offenders. Its regulations are compiled in title 42 of the New York City Rules.

Probation Officers are New York State peace officers authorized to make warrantless arrests, carry handcuffs, OC spray, and a firearm on and off duty.

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  1. ^ Executive Law § 255; .The head of such department shall be a director of probation appointed by the mayor of the city of New York to serve during the pleasure of the mayor. [...]"
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