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The New York Eagles were a professional soccer franchise that played in the American Soccer League from 1978 to 1981, with a one-year hiatus in 1980. The franchise played its first season in Mount Vernon, New York, then moved to Albany, New York for the 1979 and 1981 seasons, playing at Albany's Bleecker Stadium.

The Eagles' top scorer, Vogislav "Billy" Bolevic, led the ASL in scoring in both 1981. The Eagles sat out the 1980 season due to financial constraints. The franchise made the playoffs in both the 1979 and 1981 seasons, but did not advance past the first game in either playoff appearance.

Yearly Awards[edit]

ASL Season MVP

ASL All-Star Team Selection

ASL Leading Goal Scorer

ASL Leading Points Scorer


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup
1978 2 ASL 4th, Eastern Did not qualify Did not enter
1979 2 ASL 2nd, Eastern 1st Round Did not enter
1980 2 ASL on hiatus
1981 2 ASL 3rd, Liberty 1st Round Did not enter




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