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New York Latin ACE Awards are given annually to honor achievement in Latino cinema, television, radio and theatre by an organization of New York-based Hispanic journalists and correspondents.

ACE is an acronym for Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de Nueva York.


Founding members were the late Miguel Ángel Gallástegui, its first provisional president; Nemesio Acevedo, Fernando Campos, José C. Cayón, Johnny Chévere, Manuel del Valle, Pedro Galiana, Efraín Hidalgo, Ramón Plazza, Santiago Pollarsky and Arístides Sotolongo.

The first Latin ACE Awards ceremony, after the winners were announced at the Club Sans Souci in Uptown Manhattan on May 25, 1969, took place officially at Madison Square Garden during an extended interlude of the rodeo show of Mexican motion picture star Tony Aguilar.

Films honored by the Latin ACE Awards include Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1991),[1] and Little Spain [2]



Categories of awards include:

  • Films: several acting awards
  • Films: several production awards
  • Radio: best program
  • Theatre: several acting awards
  • Theatre: several production awards
  • Television: several acting awards
  • Television: several production awards
  • Telesion: several general awards
  • Television Cable: personality and best program awards

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