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The New York State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) is a New York State public authority created in 1960 to build and preserve affordable multifamily rental housing throughout New York State. HFA sells bonds and uses the proceeds to make mortgages to affordable housing developers.

Developers can take advantage of several financing resources when they obtain HFA financing. These include the All Affordable Housing Program for developments in which 100% of the units are affordable; the Mitchell Lama Rehabilitation and Preservation (RAP) program, which helps renovate state-financed Mitchell Lama projects; and the 80/20 New Construction Housing Program, which provides financing for rental projects where at least 20% of the units are set aside for low-income tenants.

HFA’s subsidiary, the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC), was established in 1985 to promote homeownership by low- and moderate-income households. Using resources appropriated by the State Legislature, AHC awards grants to local governments, nonprofits and charitable organizations to subsidize the cost of newly constructed homes and the cost of renovating existing housing. state of New York mortgage association (SONYMA) is one of the state agency.

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