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NYU Florence
MottoPerstare Et Praestare
ColorsMayfair Violet[1]     

NYU Florence is an academic centre of New York University located at Villa La Pietra, near Florence, Italy. It is one of NYU's 14 global academic centers.[2]


In 1994, Villa La Pietra was bequeathed to New York University by Sir Harold Acton.[3]

Academic Programs[edit]

NYU Florence hosts students from New York University's three degree-granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, as well as study-abroad students from its partner universities in the United States.

Select first-year students in the NYU Liberal Studies core program and Global Liberal Studies program may spend their first year of studies at NYU Florence rather than at NYU's campus in New York City.[4]

La Pietra Dialogues[edit]

NYU Florence hosts ongoing conferences on contemporary issues concerning politics, culture, and economics in the La Pietra Dialogues.[5]


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