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This is a list of award winners and league leaders for the New York Yankees professional baseball team.


Baseball Hall of Famers[edit]

Elected mainly for Yankee service

Elected for service with other teams, as well as the Yankees

(Affiliation according to National Baseball Hall of Fame; Reggie Jackson is affiliated with the Athletics, but wears a New York Yankees cap [1][2][3])

Major League Baseball awards[edit]

Most Valuable Player[edit]

Cy Young[edit]

Rookie of the Year[edit]

Manager of the Year[edit]

See footnote[1]

Gold Glove Award[edit]

dagger Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
Player Position Times Won Years
Guidry, RonRon Guidry Pitcher 5 1982–86
Shantz, BobbyBobby Shantz Pitcher 4 1957–60
Mussina, MikeMike Mussina Pitcher 3 2001, 2003, 2008
Munson, ThurmanThurman Munson Catcher 3 1973–75
Howard, ElstonElston Howard Catcher 2 1963–64
Mattingly, DonDon Mattingly First baseman 9 1985–89, 1991–94
Pepitone, JoeJoe Pepitone First baseman 3 1965–66, 1969
Teixeira, MarkMark Teixeira First baseman 3 2009–10, 2012
Chambliss, ChrisChris Chambliss First baseman 1 1978
Richardson, BobbyBobby Richardson Second baseman 5 1961–65
Cano, RobinsonRobinson Cano Second baseman 2 2010, 2012
Boggs, WadeWade Boggsdagger Third baseman 2 1994–95
Nettles, GraigGraig Nettles Third baseman 2 1977–78
Brosius, ScottScott Brosius Third baseman 1 1999
Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter Shortstop 5 2004–06, 2009–10
Williams, BernieBernie Williams Outfield 4 1997–2000
Winfield, DaveDave Winfielddagger Outfield 4 1982–85
Mantle, MickeyMickey Mantledagger Outfield 1 1962
Maris, RogerRoger Maris Outfield 1 1960
Murcer, BobbyBobby Murcer Outfield 1 1972
Siebern, NormNorm Siebern Outfield 1 1958
Tresh, TomTom Tresh Outfield 1 1965

Silver Slugger Award[edit]

Player Position Times Won Years
Baylor, DonDon Baylor Designated hitter 2 1983, 1985
Jackson, ReggieReggie Jacksondagger Designated hitter 1 1980
Posada, JorgeJorge Posada Catcher 5 2000–03, 2007
Stanley, MikeMike Stanley Catcher 1 1993
Mattingly, DonDon Mattingly First baseman 3 1985–87
Giambi, JasonJason Giambi First baseman 1 2002
Martinez, TinoTino Martinez First baseman 1 1997
Teixeira, MarkMark Teixeira First baseman 1 2009
Canó, RobinsonRobinson Canó Second baseman 5 2006, 2010–13[2]
Randolph, WillieWillie Randolph Second baseman 1 1980
Soriano, AlfonsoAlfonso Soriano Second baseman 1 2002
Rodriguez, AlexAlex Rodriguez Third baseman 3 2005, 2007–2008
Boggs, WadeWade Boggsdagger Third baseman 2 1993–94
Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter Shortstop 5 2006–2009, 2012
Winfield, DaveDave Winfielddagger Outfield 4 1981–82, 1984–85
Sheffield, GaryGary Sheffield Outfield 2 2004–05
Henderson, RickeyRickey Henderson Outfield 1 1985
Williams, BernieBernie Williams Outfield 1 2002
Granderson, CurtisCurtis Granderson Outfield 1 2011[2]

Comeback Player of the Year Award[edit]

Hank Aaron Award (top hitter)[edit]

MLB All-Century Team (1999)[edit]

DHL Hometown Heroes (2006)[edit]

  • Babe Ruth — voted by MLB fans as the most outstanding player in the history of the franchise, based on on-field performance, leadership quality and character value

MLB All-Time Team (1997; Baseball Writers' Association of America)[edit]

Sporting News All-Decade Team[edit]

See: Sporting News#Major-league baseball awards
  • Alex Rodriguez, third base (2009) (also played with Seattle and Texas, 2000-03)
  • Derek Jeter, shortstop (2009)
  • Mariano Rivera, relief pitcher (2009)

Sports Illustrated MLB All-Decade Team[edit]

  • Derek Jeter, shortstop (2009)
  • Alex Rodriguez, third base (2009) (also played with Seattle and Texas, 2000-03)
  • Mariano Rivera, closer (2009)

USA Today Cy Young[edit]

Baseball America All-Rookie Team[edit]

See: Baseball America#Baseball America All-Rookie Team

Topps All-Star Rookie teams[edit]

Babe Ruth Award (postseason MVP)[edit]

Main article: Babe Ruth Award

MLB Insiders Club Magazine All-Postseason Team[edit]

Lou Gehrig Memorial Award[edit]

  • Gil McDougald (1958)
  • Bobby Richardson (1963)
  • Tommy John (1981)
  • Don Mattingly (1993)

MLB All-Time Manager[edit]

See: Major League Baseball All-Time Team (1997; BBWAA)

Sporting News Manager of the Decade[edit]

See: Sporting News#Major-league baseball awards
  • Joe Torre (2009) (also managed the Los Angeles Dodgers, 2008-09)

Sports Illustrated MLB Manager of the Decade[edit]

  • Joe Torre (2009) (also managed the Los Angeles Dodgers, 2008-09)

The Sporting News Manager of the Year[edit]

Note: Established in 1936, this award was given annually to one manager in Major League Baseball. In 1986 it was expanded to honor one manager from each league.
See footnote[1]

Associated Press Manager of the Year Award[edit]

See: Associated Press#AP sports awards
Note: Discontinued in 2001. From 1959 to 1983, the award was given annually to one manager in each league. From 1984 to 2000, the award was given to one manager in all of Major League Baseball.
See footnote[1]

Ford C. Frick Award recipients (broadcasters)[edit]

See New York Yankees#Ford C. Frick Award recipients

Team awards[edit]

Team championships and recognitions[edit]

Team records (single-game, single-season, career)[edit]

Minor-league system[edit]

Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year Award[edit]

MiLB George M. Trautman Award / Topps Player of the Year[edit]

Kevin Lawn Awards[edit]

The Kevin Lawn Awards are given annually to the best minor league baseball player and pitcher in the Yankees' organization.[8]

Player of the Year
Year Player Position Team(s)
1980 Balboni, SteveSteve Balboni First baseman Nashville Sounds
1981 Mattingly, DonDon Mattingly First baseman Columbus Clippers
1982 Winters, MattMatt Winters Outfielder Greensboro Bats/Nashville Sounds
1983 Dayett, BrianBrian Dayett Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1984 Bradley, ScottScott Bradley Catcher/Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1985 Pasqua, DanDan Pasqua Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1986 Alvarez, ChrisChris Alvarez Third baseman Fort Lauderdale Yankees
1987 Reed, DarrenDarren Reed Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1988 Maas, KevinKevin Maas First baseman Prince William Yankees/Albany-Colonie Yankees
1989 Morris, HalHal Morris First baseman Columbus Clippers
1990 Meulens, HensleyHensley Meulens Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1991 Hernandez, KikiKiki Hernandez Catcher Greensboro Bats/Prince William Cannons
1991 Silvestri, DaveDave Silvestri Shortstop Albany-Colonie Yankees
1992 Snow, J. T.J. T. Snow First baseman Columbus Clippers
1993 Masse, BillyBilly Masse Outfielder Columbus Clippers
1994 Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter Shortstop Tampa Yankees/Albany-Colonie Yankees/Columbus Clippers
1995 Jeter, DerekDerek Jeter Shortstop Columbus Clippers
1996 Ledee, RickyRicky Ledee Outfielder Columbus Clippers/Norwich Navigators
1997 Lowell, MikeMike Lowell Third baseman Columbus Clippers/Norwich Navigators
1998 Johnson, NickNick Johnson First baseman Tampa Yankees
1999 Johnson, NickNick Johnson First baseman Norwich Navigators
1999 Jiménez, D'AngeloD'Angelo Jiménez Second baseman Columbus Clippers
2000 Seabol, ScottScott Seabol Third baseman Norwich Navigators
2001 Rivera, JuanJuan Rivera Outfielder Columbus Clippers/Norwich Navigators
2001 Thames, MarcusMarcus Thames Outfielder Norwich Navigators
2002 Phillips, AndyAndy Phillips Second baseman Columbus Clippers/Norwich Navigators
2003 Navarro, DionerDioner Navarro Catcher Tampa Yankees/Trenton Thunder
2004 Phillips, AndyAndy Phillips First baseman Columbus Clippers/Trenton Thunder
2005 Thompson, KevinKevin Thompson Outfielder Columbus Clippers/Trenton Thunder
2006 Ehlers, CodyCody Ehlers First baseman Tampa Yankees
2007 Jackson, AustinAustin Jackson Outfielder Charleston RiverDogs/Tampa Yankees/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2008 Gardner, BrettBrett Gardner Outfielder Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2009 Romine, AustinAustin Romine Catcher Tampa Yankees
2010 Núñez, EduardoEduardo Núñez Shortstop Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2011 Romine, AustinAustin Romine Catcher Trenton Thunder/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2012 Austin, TylerTyler Austin Outfielder Gulf Coast Yankees/Charleston RiverDogs/Tampa Yankees/Trenton Thunder
2013 Bird, GregGreg Bird First baseman Charleston RiverDogs
Pitcher of the Year
Year Pitcher Handedness Team(s)
1980 Nelson, GeneGene Nelson RHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees
1981 Filson, PetePete Filson LHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees/Nashville Sounds
1982 Tewksbury, BobBob Tewksbury RHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees
1983 Rijo, JoseJose Rijo RHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees/Nashville Sounds
1984 Deshaies, JimJim Deshaies LHP Columbus Clippers
1985 Arnsberg, BradBrad Arnsberg RHP Albany-Colonie Yankees
1986 Easley, LoganLogan Easley RHP Albany-Colonie Yankees
1987 Ridenour, DanaDana Ridenour RHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees
1988 Malone, ToddTodd Malone RHP Gulf Coast Yankees
1989 Adkins, SteveSteve Adkins LHP Fort Lauderdale Yankees/Albany-Colonie Yankees
1990 Eiland, DaveDave Eiland RHP Columbus Clippers
1991 Martel, EdEd Martel RHP Albany-Colonie Yankees/Columbus Clippers
1991 Militello, SamSam Militello RHP Prince William Cannons/Albany-Colonie Yankees
1992 Militello, SamSam Militello RHP Columbus Clippers
1993 Karp, RyanRyan Karp LHP Albany-Colonie Yankees/Prince William Yankees/Greensboro Bats
1994 Pettitte, AndyAndy Pettitte LHP Columbus Clippers/Albany-Colonie Yankees
1995 Drews, MattMatt Drews RHP Tampa Yankees
1996 Tessmer, JayJay Tessmer RHP Tampa Yankees
1997 Milton, EricEric Milton LHP Norwich Navigators/Tampa Yankees
1998 Bradley, RyanRyan Bradley RHP Tampa Yankees/Norwich Navigators/Columbus Clippers
1999 Yarnall, EdEd Yarnall RHP Columbus Clippers
2000 Keisler, RandyRandy Keisler RHP Columbus Clippers
2001 Claussen, BrandonBrandon Claussen LHP Norwich Navigators/Tampa Yankees
2002 DePaula, JorgeJorge DePaula RHP Norwich Navigators
2002 Borrell, DannyDanny Borrell LHP Norwich Navigators/Tampa Yankees
2003 DePaula, JorgeJorge DePaula RHP Columbus Clippers
2004 Wang, Chien-MingChien-Ming Wang RHP Trenton Thunder/Columbus Clippers
2005 DeSalvo, MattMatt DeSalvo RHP Trenton Thunder
2006 Hughes, PhilPhil Hughes RHP Trenton Thunder
2007 Kennedy, IanIan Kennedy RHP Tampa Yankees/Trenton Thunder/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2008 Coke, PhilPhil Coke LHP Trenton Thunder/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2009 McAllister, ZachZach McAllister RHP Trenton Thunder
2010 Phelps, DavidDavid Phelps RHP Trenton Thunder/Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2011 Mitchell, D. J.D. J. Mitchell RHP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees
2012 Montgomery, MarkMark Montgomery RHP Tampa Yankees/Trenton Thunder
2013 Greene, ShaneShane Greene RHP Tampa Yankees/Trenton Thunder

Other achievements[edit]

Monument Park[edit]

Retired numbers[edit]

See New York Yankees#Retired numbers

James P. Dawson Award[edit]

The James P. Dawson Award is given at the end of spring training to the best rookie.[9][10]

Year Winner Position
1956 Siebern, NormNorm Siebern Outfielder
1957 Kubek, TonyTony Kubek Shortstop
1958 Blanchard, JohnnyJohnny Blanchard Catcher
1959 Windhorn, GordieGordie Windhorn Outfielder
1960 James, JohnnyJohnny James Pitcher
1961 Sheldon, RollieRollie Sheldon Pitcher
1962 Tresh, TomTom Tresh Shortstop
1963 Gonzalez, PedroPedro Gonzalez Second baseman
1964 Mikkelsen, PetePete Mikkelsen Pitcher
1965 Lopez, ArturoArturo Lopez Outfielder
1966 White, RoyRoy White Outfielder
1967 Robinson, BillBill Robinson Outfielder
1968 Ferraro, MikeMike Ferraro Third baseman
1969 Kenney, JerryJerry Kenney Outfielder
1969 Burbach, BillBill Burbach Pitcher
1970 Ellis, JohnJohn Ellis First baseman / Catcher
1971 None Selected
1972 Torres, RustyRusty Torres Outfielder
1973 Velez, OttoOtto Velez Outfielder
1974 Buskey, TomTom Buskey Pitcher
1975 Martinez, TippyTippy Martinez Pitcher
1976 Randolph, WillieWillie Randolph Second baseman
1977 Zeber, GeorgeGeorge Zeber Infielder
1978 Beattie, JimJim Beattie Pitcher
1979 Mirabella, PaulPaul Mirabella Pitcher
1980 Griffin, MikeMike Griffin Pitcher
1981 Nelson, GeneGene Nelson Pitcher
1982 Robertson, AndreAndre Robertson Shortstop
1983 Mattingly, DonDon Mattingly First baseman/OF
1984 Rijo, JoseJose Rijo Pitcher
1985 Bradley, ScottScott Bradley Catcher
1986 Tewksbury, BobBob Tewksbury Pitcher
1987 Hughes, KevinKevin Hughes Outfielder
1988 Leiter, AlAl Leiter Pitcher
1989 None Selected
1990 Mills, AlanAlan Mills Pitcher
1991 Meulens, HensleyHensley Meulens Outfielder
1992 Williams, GeraldGerald Williams Outfielder
1993 Humphreys, MikeMike Humphreys Outfielder
1994 Hitchcock, SterlingSterling Hitchcock Pitcher
1995 None Selected
1996 Hutton, MarkMark Hutton Pitcher
1997 Posada, JorgeJorge Posada Catcher
1998 Bush, HomerHomer Bush Infielder
1999 None Selected
2000 None Selected
2001 Soriano, AlfonsoAlfonso Soriano Second baseman
2002 Johnson, NickNick Johnson First baseman
2003 Matsui, HidekiHideki Matsui Outfielder
2004 Crosby, BubbaBubba Crosby Outfielder
2005 Phillips, AndyAndy Phillips Infielder
2006 Duncan, EricEric Duncan Infielder
2007 Igawa, KeiKei Igawa Pitcher
2008 Duncan, ShelleyShelley Duncan Infielder / Outfielder
2009 Gardner, BrettBrett Gardner Outfielder
2010 Weber, JonJon Weber Outfielder
2011 Banuelos, MannyManny Banuelos Pitcher
2012 Phelps, DavidDavid Phelps Pitcher
2013 Nuño, VidalVidal Nuño Pitcher
2014 Tanaka, MasahiroMasahiro Tanaka Pitcher
2015 Heathcott, SladeSlade Heathcott Outfielder

New York BBWAA chapter awards[edit]

See: New York BBWAA chapter awards

Sid Mercer–Dick Young Player of the Year Award[edit]

Arthur and Milton Richman "You Gotta Have Heart" Award[edit]

Joan Payson Award[edit]

Note: The award is for excellence in community service.

Casey Stengel "You Can Look It Up" Award[edit]

Note: The award is to honor career achievement for those who went home empty-handed at previous dinners.

Joe DiMaggio "Toast of the Town" Award[edit]

The awards is for a player who has become a New York favorite.

William J. Slocum–Jack Lang Award[edit]

Note: The award is for long and meritorious service.

Ben Epstein–Dan Castellano "Good Guy" Award[edit]

Note: The award is for candor and accessibility to writers.

Willie, Mickey and the Duke Award[edit]

Note: The awrd is given to a group of players forever linked in baseball history.

Associated Press Athlete of the Year[edit]

Hickok Belt[edit]

Note: The Hickok Belt trophy was awarded to the top professional athlete of the year in the U.S., from 1950 to 1976.

Sporting News Sportsman of the Year[edit]

See: Sporting News#Sportsman of the Year

Sporting News Pro Athlete of the Year[edit]

See: Sporting News#Pro Athlete of the Year
  • 2009 – Mariano Rivera

Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year[edit]

Main article: Sportsman of the Year
  • 2009 – Derek Jeter

Sports Illustrated Top 20 Male Athletes of the Decade[edit]

See: List of 2009 all-decade Sports Illustrated awards and honors#Top 20 Male Athletes of the Decade
  • 2009 – Mariano Rivera (#11)
  • 2009 – Derek Jeter (#18)
  • 2009 – A Rodriguez (#20)

Sports Illustrated Top 10 Coaches/Managers of the Decade (2009)[edit]

See: List of 2009 all-decade Sports Illustrated awards and honors#Top 10 Coaches/Managers of the Decade
  • No. 3 – Joe Torre, Yankees–Dodgers (the list's only other MLB manager was Boston's Terry Francona, No. 4)

Best Coach/Manager ESPY Award[edit]

  • Joe Torre (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001)

See also[edit]


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