1804 New York gubernatorial election

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1804 New York gubernatorial election

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  Morgan Lewis (portrait by Henry Inman).png Vanderlyn Burr.jpg
Nominee Morgan Lewis Aaron Burr
Party Democratic-Republican Democratic-Republican
Alliance Clintonian Tammany Hall
Popular vote 30,829 22,139
Percentage 58.20% 41.80%

Governor before election

George Clinton

Elected Governor

Morgan Lewis

The 1804 New York gubernatorial election was held in April 1804 to elect the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York.


The Clintonian faction of the Democratic Republican Party nominated former Attorney General of New York and Supreme Court of New York justice Morgan Lewis. They nominated state senator John Broome for Lieutenant Governor.

Although a Democratic-Republican, incumbent Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr was backed by members of the Federalist Party who wanted to see New York join the New England states in an independent confederation. This scheme was opposed by High Federalist Alexander Hamilton, the party's national leader. Burr subsequently killed Hamilton in a duel. U.S. representative Oliver Phelps was nominated for Lieutenant Governor.


The Clintonian ticket of Lewis and Broome was elected.

New York gubernatorial election, 1804
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican (Clintonian) Morgan Lewis 30,829 58.20%
Democratic-Republican (Tammany Hall) Aaron Burr 22,139 41.80%
Total votes 52,968 100%


Result: The Tribune Almanac 1841

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