New Zealand–Turkey relations

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Turkish-New Zealand relations
Map indicating locations of Turkey and New Zealand


New Zealand

New Zealand–Turkey relations have developed steadily over the last few years, with a reaffirmation of bonds arising from the shared Gallipoli experience of World War I. In January 1992 Turkey opened an embassy in Wellington, with New Zealand opening an embassy in Ankara in 1993.[1]

A memorial to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander of the Turkish forces at Gallipoli who went on to become the founder of modern Turkey, is sited at Tarakina Bay overlooking the entrance to Wellington harbour.[2]


Head of State[edit]

Dates Head of State
April 1990 Governor-General, Sir Paul Reeves
August 1991 President of Turkey, Turgut Özal
21–28 April 1998 Governor-General, Sir Michael Hardie Boys
21 April - 1 May 2003 Governor-General, Dame Silvia Cartwright
April 2009 Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand

Prime Minister[edit]

Dates Prime Minister
23–27 April 2005 Prime Minister, Helen Clark
23–27 April 2005 Prime Minister, Helen Clark
3–7 December 2005 Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
22–26 April 2010 Prime Minister, John Key

Minister of foreign Affairs[edit]

Dates Minister
1985 Vahit Melih Halefoğlu
12–15 September 1992 Don McKinnon
27 February-2 March 1994 Hikmet Çetin
16–19 April 1995 Donald Charles McKinnon
23–25 April 2001 Phil Goff
April 2007 Winston Peters
April 2009 Winston Peters

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