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AFL New Zealand
Abbreviation AFLNZ
Formation 1994[1]
Type Sports Governing Body
Region served
New Zealand
Parent organisation
AFL Commission
Website AFLNZ

AFL New Zealand is the governing body of Australian rules football in New Zealand.

AFL New Zealand currently has 35,000 Registered Players.[citation needed]

National team[edit]

Australian rules football is a sport played in New Zealand rapidly gaining popularity.[citation needed] AFL New Zealand co-ordinate the national team, the Hawks, who have competed in the Australian Football International Cup and crowned international champions in 2005.

Since 2012 the national side has played against the Australian AIS team. The first game was won convincingly by the AIS by 91 points. 2013 saw the AIS win by 44 points and in 2014 it took a goal in the final minutes to win their third straight game by only 4 points.

These games have enticed a number of Australian-based players with NZ heritage to commit to the national side. Some of NZ's past and present players include-

  • Shem Tatupu & Kurt Heatherly - Hawthorn Hawks International Rookies (AFL)
  • Joseph Baker Thomas - St Kilda International Scholarship Holder (AFL)
  • Cameron Illet - NT Thunder (NEAFL) / St Mary's (NTFL)
  • Khan Haretaku - Frankston Dolphins (VFL) / Sydney Swans (Rookie List)
  • Matt Argus -NT Thunder (NEAFL)
  • Lachlan Argus - NT Thunder (NEAFL) / St Mary's
  • Brendan Clark - NT Thunder (NEAFL) / Tiwi Bombers
  • Andrew Howison - Sandringham Dragons reserves (VFL) / Old Collegians (VAFA)
  • Wayne Schwass - Sydney Swans (AFL)
  • Andrew Christensen - University Blues (VAFA)
  • Adam Campbell - Fremantle Dockers (VAFA)
  • Justin Clark- Old Collegians (VAFA)
  • Andrew Crighton - Balwyn FC (EFL)
  • Steven Howard - Caulfield Grammarians (VAFA)

National tournaments[edit]

The AFLNZ National Provincial Championships is an annual tournament between the regional leagues comprising the New Zealand Australian Football League. The first of the current incarnation of the NPC was held on 25 and 26 September 2004 in Christchurch.[2]


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